Morgonrapport: Temporary concentration after the sell-off?

Storbolagsindexet OMXS30 index began the new trading week unchanged. The OMXS30 closed the day at 1629.21 points. Turnover was slightly lower than last Friday on the stockholm stock exchange, and amounted to 16.3 billion. Tuesday’s trading is expected to start just above zero, and the resistance level of 1630 points, with support primarily from a positive finish in the US on Monday night.

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Today’s analysis

The greater part of Monday’s trading was above the resistance level of 1630 points. With successively lower highs intraday, we had unfortunately an unchanged closing.

Tuesday’s trading is expected to open once again, just over the neutral, this time around 1631 points, according to a leading futures with a couple of hours left until the Swedish stock market opens.

We got a dagshögsta at 1636 points on Monday, which means that this price level will act as a short-term resistance level on Tuesday.

Indextunga H&M surprised with an outbreak that was very overdue, and with over 7 per cent in weight, we got the fuel to keep up the vibes. Because we finally had an outbreak, would a further rise provide additional support for a trip further north, and the establishment of 1630…

Despite an unchanged closing, we note the strong köpstyrka on Monday, however, was slightly lower than on Friday.

U.s. leading indexterminen the S&P 500, however, we see a slightly negative development after the night’s trading in Asia, which could be a negative selling ahead of today’s opening.

Although we note that the resistance level at 1630 points above, in our 15-minute chart has shown a clear traction, we see a greater probability to 1640 points will be more hard to beat at the challenging.

We have recently provided a short-term oversold scenario, which opens up for further rise if we can find the land of 1630 points, which in itself opens up for a challenging of just 1640 soon.

To 1640 would be more hard to beat, we also see signs of in our minutdiagram above, where a clear balancing experienced in several last days.

Despite the fact that we got a sharp sell-off from the political unrest in the preceding week, which meant a clear sales value during the downturn, which almost challenged the 1600 points, traded in the positive trend. We noted, is still a good bit over several heavy average as 200 days, 40 weeks, and the 12-month moving average, which all point to the north.

This means at the same time that we see a lower probability that we will be down to challenge the 1600 points cards. Perhaps it is only temporary mobilization we are experiencing at the moment, the face on the rebound…

On the other hand, with, for example, political concern from the united states, volatile movements after Thursday’s Opec meeting put everything in its tip.

Before today’s trading, we are back to square one, which means that it can be found technical resistance levels at 1640, 1650, but especially to 1670 points.

Support levels await also at 1630, but above all 1600 points.

What hålltider and the company reports the next weeks you can read here.

Yesterday’s main börshändelser.

Finally breaks the H&M up!

Share rush +3 per cent at the outbreak of resistance…

H&M breaks to the north on Monday and rushes over +3%, after the resistance level at 222 crowns turned out.

After two significant challenging, leaving H&M 216 sek behind him, a price level with significant volume.

Despite an increase of +4.82% a week ago, H&M has lost more than -10% since the end of the year.

In addition to that we break a technical resistance, and kanaltak in the handelsintervall has been going on since the beginning of april, we have received the underlying fuel from the company’s chairman of the board.

Stefan Persson, who is also a major shareholder has increased its holding during the past two weeks, with around 2.3 billion.

Among the latest adjusted riktkurser we find Jefferies at 235 sek, Citi at 215 sek.

Positive attitude in the Boliden…

Challenge on the new heavy resistance level!

Boliden continues further north on Monday, and the challenges on the new heavy resistance level at 245 kronor.

Since the company’s stock fell from record highs at 290 crowns, and even after the report end of april, have a clear sideways trading continued.

For the second time in a row challenged now kanaltaket within this consolidation phase, which opens up for the challenging of the resistance level of 265 kronor, at the establishment above.

The underlying positive momentum among the base metals, which is expected to get further boost from China, which expressed itself willing to expand investments in infrastructure.

If köpstyrkan who looked forward begins to show weakness, increasing the risk of a return visit of the not the least the support at 235 sek, but also at the same time a challenging of the technical branch 200-day moving average.

JP Morgan downgraded recently riktkursen for the company to 265 from the previous sek 285, at the same time as the recommendation to neutral repeated.

Also, the Barclays Capital adjusted its recommendation, however, raised the riktkursen to sek 290 just a week before the report, while recommendation overweight reiterated.

Re köpstyrka looking forward in Novo Nordisk!

It is time to challenge the 280 again?

Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk continues to show a positive attitude on Monday, after a positive conclusion of the previous week.

After a decline of more than -6.5% since the year high was achieved in the beginning of may, looked köpstyrka presented on Thursday at the former utbrottsnivå sek 267.

Fuel to the previous downturn, Handelsbanken, which lowered the recommendation of the company on 4 may from buy to increase.

Riktkursen adjusted, however, up to 326 from the previous 277 sek.

Technically, there is a higher probability that the 280 can be challenged.

However, if the approaching profit taking and new challenging of the previous utbrottsnivå at sek 267, increases the likelihood of breakthroughs, and not just challenging the next support level at 263 sek, but also MA 200.

Free fall for SkiStar!

DI lowers the share after the säljrekommendation.

Skidanläggningsföretaget SkiStar falls sharply on Monday, after Today’s Industry in Monday’s edition leaves a säljrekommendation.

The magazine’s earlier advice gave fuel to the rise of over 80 percent in 2016.

Initially fell to the share -10%, which at the same time means that the share is clearly different from the previous all time high from this year.

Less intensity are challenged thus, after the fall on Monday at 192.50 sek, which means that if this price level is broken, increasing the likelihood of a return of 170 kronor, which is the next level of support.

Keeps the current intensity, can very well renewed köpstyrka take us back to 205 kronor, to cover today’s panic selling.

As late as the 17th of may the company a new interim cfo in the meantime, current chief financial officer Magnus Sjöholm is on sick leave, and will also be included in the management team of the company.

Hålltider during the day

Company reports

  • Melker Schörling (8.00), Just (8.55), Nordic Mines
  • Glycorex, Kopparbergs Brewery


  • Absolent (0:90 kr)

Macro statistics

  • Japan: the Nikkei industry-manufacturing PMI (prelim) may at 2.30
  • Germany: GDP (def) 1 kv 8.00
  • France: the industry’s expectations may at 8.45
  • France: manufacturing PMI (prelim) may at 9.00 am
  • Statistics SWEDEN: unemployment rate april at 9.30 am
  • SCB: Sparbarometern 1 kv at 9.30 am
  • Germany: combined PMI (prelim) may at 9.30 am
  • Germany: manufacturing PMI (prelim) may at 9.30 am
  • EMU: PMI (prelim) may at 10.00 am.
  • Germany: IFO index may at 10.00 am.
  • USA: THREE weekly statistics at 13.45
  • The united states: Redbook weekly statistics at 14.55
  • United states: Markit manufacturing PMI (prelim) may at 15: 45
  • USA: sales new home april at 16.00
  • United states: oil (API), the weekly statistics at 22.30


  • EU: ecofin meeting at 9: 00 am

All börshändelser and estimates for the week can be found here!

Latest börsnyheterna

The stockholm stock exchange was trading in an irregular börstendens on Monday. The Index moved within a narrow range. The tilltufsade the H&M share was in the top together with the telecom operators. Also on the leading european exchanges were indexförändringarna small, where the London stock exchange stood out with a cautious upswing.

Ratos step after selling a subsidiary with good profits, while the Skistar plummeted after a negative analysis in the Current Industry.

At the time of closing was the Stockholm stock exchange’s OMXS30 index unchanged at the time of listing 1.629. The turnover on the stockholm stock exchange amounted to 16.3 billion.

In the top of the OMXS30 tagged H&M, with a rise of 2.4 per cent. Klädkedjans share in 2017 has declined by over 10 percent, while the OMXS30 index has recorded a rise of just over 7 per cent. The company’s main inköpsvaluta, the dollar fell steeply against the euro since the German chancellor Angela Merkel declared that their own currency was ”too weak”.

SSAB A added 2.5% and Boliden was noted up to 0.5%. On the commodity markets where most of the base metals up by between 1-3%.

Astra Zeneca continues with its externaliseringsstrategi, where the older medicines are sold out. The pharmaceutical company announced the sale of the commercial rights in Europe for blodtryckspreparat Seloken. Share turned down 0.3 per cent.

The investment company Ratos is selling all shares in the subsidiary Nebula to Telia of approximately sek 1.6 billion and thus makes a exitvinst of approximately sek 500 million. Ratosaktien rose less than 1 per cent, and Telia was raised 2 per cent.

Among the telecom operators climbed Tele2 up just over 2 per cent.

Skidturismbolaget Skistar fell more than 8 percent since the Today’s Industry’s recommended sell against the background inter alia of the big gains the past year and the company’s exposure to ”räntedopade” households.

Bioservo, which is active in the personal krafthjälpmedel, debuted at the First North to the course 20:90 sek. At the end of the trading day, the share price had fallen to sek 19, almost 21% below the strike price at $ 24 per share. The pattern of weak premiärdagar for listings on marketplaces outside the huvudbörsen continued.

Videostabiliseringsbolaget Imint traded down 11 percent. The company’s founder, and now board member, Harald Klomp has sold 44.000 shares for nearly sek 2 million.

Among today’s recommendations include Börsveckan gives a buy recommendation to the Beijer Ref, Swedol and Lindab, which rose 2.5 percent, less than 6% and just under 2 per cent.

On Tuesday keeps the Volvo capital market day in Eskilstuna, sweden. The focus is directed towards the marginalarbetet and the business area for construction equipment, Volvo CE. Share rolled down 0.8 per cent on Monday.

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