Morgonrapport: Short-lived trade of heavy resistance…?

The OMXS30 experienced a large part of Wednesday, positive attitude, not least, we are clearly of 1640, but also challenged the perceptions of 1650 points seriously. The sales force took over late in the afternoon, and storbolagsindexet closed finally just below zero with -0.04% to 1639.11. The turnover amounted to 26.9 billion kronor. Positive attitude exists after the night’s trading in Asia, along with the leading futures. However, the question is whether this will trickle over to Sweden to help with the strength to rise on Thursday…

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Today’s analysis

Last trading day in may of invited, finally in an eruption of 1640 points in the OMXS30 index. This occurred even during high trading activity, but got a very sudden turn at the resistance 1650 in conjunction with the united states, delivered statistics that were of disappointment.

We got such a clear force the end of the day, however, is a little worrying, and we have also noted that during the last five trading days that we just have a closure at plus.

As we wrote in Wednesday’s morgonrapport so has the OMXS30 experienced difficulties of establishment outside the current handelsintervall in 1630-1640.

That we following Wednesday’s outbreak of the north stepped back into the ranks again, means that we ahead of Thursday’s opening finds us at square one again.

However, we see the positive pieces of the puzzle in spite of the above. When just 1650 points were challenged, we got a clear significant volume on Wednesday, together with the 1642 from an intraday perspective.

This means that, within the space of two weeks had two significant outbreaks from handelsintervallet, with significant volume. But both times we have closed within the tight handelsintervallet is going on.

The american semester, the S&P 500 traded to mildly positive after the night’s trading in Asia, and at the time of writing see this köpstyrka out to find something slightly positive momentum, which may contribute to a slightly better opening than expected.

If this, together with the strength from Asia spilling over to Sweden, this would mean that we on Thursday, might launch the first trading day in June of 1640 again.

Would we even get a closing above this level today, then this reinforces the belief to on the rise, and lowers oroligheten around the warning signs that occurred.

At the same time, this means that we keep very careful track of if sellers continue to dominate after Wednesday’s late decline during the afternoon, and that we do not step in 1630 with strength. This would instead give fuel to the concerns on the downside…

In the afternoon at 14:15, we get a preview ahead of Friday’s big jobbsiffra in the united states, which is the week’s big makronummer. The ADP private employment in may is expected to have increased by 180.000 in the united states, and the clearly divergent rate could provide a clearer movement when the u.s. exchanges open a little later in the afternoon…

Once again, we are back in the same box ahead of today’s trading. Technical resistance levels await already in 1640 and 1650, but also 1670 points. Support levels await at the same time at the 1630, but most of all 1600 points.

What hålltider and the company reports the next weeks you can read here.

Yesterday’s main börshändelser.

Ericsson continues to be further north when Cevian Capital bought a significant item.

Step initially over three percent on Wednesday morning.

Ericsson continues further north, after the previous eruption from the consolidation which has been underway since the end of February.

Wednesday’s early rise of over three per cent, got fuel, when it appeared that Cevian Capital now owns over 5% of the shares in Ericsson.

”We see significant potential. Had we not seen it we would not have made the investment. It is not 20-30%, but much more”, commented Christer Gardell, partner at Cevian, to the di.see.

The brief andhämtningen in Ericsson, which was on the way back for additional challenging of 60 crowns was thus brief, and we look now rather like to be on the way to the next heavy resistance level at sek 67.

Pressure on the downside concern in the Fingerprint…

Time to set your sights on the 20 kronor now…?

Biometribolaget Fingerprint Cards traded again for 30 sek, which means that the company’s share now since the end of the year lost a little more than 50 percent…

One of the factors to Wednesday’s inledningsvisa decline of -3.5%, a lowered recommendation from Arctic Securities.

By lowering the recommendation to sell from the previous keep, at the same time as riktkursen be adjusted down to the next major technical support level at $ 20.

In the past, several research house adjusted down riktkursen for the company, including Nordea, who put a ”fair value” to 34 kronor.

Would Fingerprint now search further south to 20 euros, will a heavy intensity that was challenged, which was also the price level that triggered the great rise in 2015, which took us up to around 135 dollars.

Amazon the first of the giants to step over 1 000 dollars!

The fight continues, however, between Amazon and Google, to see who manages to establish itself above the $ 1,000…

As we previously reported, the two american giants Amazon and Google have taken all the closer to step 1 000 dollarsnivån. On Tuesday, after the Monday was closed in the united states during the Memorial Day, managed to Amazon briefly get a dagshögsta initial minutes to just over 1 001 us dollars.

Then, the Amazon is a balancing between the 996 – 1 000 dollars on Tuesday.

Google is, however, the notch in the heel, and quoted on Tuesday a dagshögsta at 997.6 dollars, and when Tuesday’s trading ended, closed both Amazon and Google at just over 996 dollars. The fight thus continues between the two giants, to see who manages to establish itself above the $ 1,000 first.

Such a significant price level, however, is clearly sentimental, and resistance is expected to… we have the a establishment of, or are we now facing a turning point to the south?!?

Hålltider during the day

Company reports

  • Elekta (13.00)


  • Lucara Diamond (0:025 cad), Nobina (3:10 sek)

Macro statistics

  • South korea: foreign trade may at 2.00
  • Japan: industry-PMI (def) may at 2.30
  • China: Caixin industry-manufacturing PMI may at 3.45
  • India: industry-PMI may at 7.00
  • Finland: GDP 1 kv 8.00
  • Russia: industry-PMI may at 8.00
  • Uk: Nationwide house prices may at 8.00
  • Silf/Swedbank: industry-PMI may at 8.30
  • Norway: industry-PMI may at 9.00 am
  • Spain: industry-PMI of may at 9.15
  • SCB: the insurance companies ‘ capital investments 1 kv at 9.30 am
  • Italy: industry-PMI may at 9.45
  • Germany: industry-PMI (def) may at 9.55
  • EMU: industrial-manufacturing PMI (def) may at 10.00 am.
  • Italy: GDP (def) 1 kv at 10: 00 am
  • Germany: VDMA machinery orders april at 10.00 am.
  • Riksbank: results köpauktion government bonds at 10.07
  • Uk: industry-PMI may at 10: 30 a.m.
  • France: industry-PMI (def) may at 10.50
  • Denmark: industry-PMI may at 11.00
  • United states: Challenger varselstatistik may at 13.30
  • Brazil: industrial-manufacturing PMI may at 14: 00
  • US: ADP private employment may, at 14.15
  • United states: productivity, unit labour costs (def) 1 kv at 14.30
  • United states: new job vacancies to unemployed, from weekly data at 14.30
  • United states: Markit industrial PMI (def) may at 15: 45
  • United states: Bloomberg consumer confidence at 15: 45
  • United states: the ISM industrial-manufacturing PMI may at 16.00
  • USA: investments of april at 16.00
  • USA: oil stocks (DOE), weekly statistics 17.00

All börshändelser and estimates for the week can be found here!

Latest börsnyheterna

The upturn on the stockholm stock exchange, which had been built up gradually during the Wednesday, dissolved completely during the last two trading hours following the weak US data had been presented.

Ericsson was lifted sharply after aktivistfonden Cevian Capital’s entry in the telecom company. In the opposite direction went the Fingerprint Cards after a lowered recommendation and a hefty drop in oil prices weighed on råvarurelaterat.

At the closing, noted the OMXS30 index unchanged at the level of 1.639. Shares for approximately sek 26,9 billion had changed hands.

The afternoon statistikskörd from the united states invited to the weaker purchasing managers index from Chicago and declined the purchase of a house, which weighed on stock indexes. At börsstängningen in Stockholm, had the US indices declined by 0.2 per cent.

Ericsson advanced 4.5 per cent in Stockholm. Aktivistfonden Cevian Capital, with the financier Christer Gardell, flagged on Tuesday night for a holding over 5% of the capital of telecom company. Christer Gardell sees a significant potential in the troubled telekomjätten.

”Börje (Ericsson’s ceo, ed) has said that he will double profitability, and I don’t want to go in and put any specific figure, but a sharpened Ericsson can earn significantly more money than what you do in the day,” he said to the News agency Directly.

Fingerprint Cards was the biggest loser in the storbolagsindexet. The shares fell 6.6 per cent to 28:40 sek and has since the listing of sek 135 in december 2015 lost almost 80 per cent. Norwegian Arctic Securities withdrew on Wednesday its recommendation for the company to sell from the previous keep, and adjusted at the same time down riktkursen to 20 kronor.

Oljeterminerna dropped closer to 4 percent, which pushed brent crude during the 50-dollarsnivån. Lundin Petroleum fell 0.9 per cent while the price-sensitive Enquest was 6.7 per cent down. In general, among the commodity-related shares low Boliden and SSAB on förlorarlistan with declines of around 3 per cent each.

Omsorgsbolaget Attendo buy Finnish Mikeva for 150 million euros on a cash and debt free basis. The purchased company had last year a turnover of eur 101 million and made an ebitda of eur 5.3 million. Attendo was awarded the order of the deal with a rise of 5.3 percent.

The E-commerce company Boozts closed at 77:50 sek in their börspremiär. There was a rise of 25 per cent, compared with the introductory price of 62 dollars.

CLX Communications has made a targeted share issue through a so-called book-building-procedure. The issue of close to 4.1 million shares for sek 120 per unit gives 488 million before issue costs and creates a dilution of approximately 8.2% for the old owner. CLX shares lost 3.2%.

Today’s industry highlights, in an article about it called ”internet of things” companies, HMS Networks and IAR Systems. Both get a thumbs up. HMS was increased 9.4 per cent, and in IAR Systems rose 0.5 per cent.

The business community recommends in its latest issue the purchase of Tobii, Qliro, and Oncopeptides. Tobii was up 7.5 per cent, Qliro climbed 4.5 per cent while the Oncopeptides rose 2.4 per cent.

NGM-company of the Year continued to be raised by 4.7 per cent. Bryggeriaktien thus has climbed 20% since the interim report in the last week when the ceo Peter Bronsman for the News agency Directly, inter alia, revealed that sales of cider in the united states now underway in 21 Wal-Mart stores.

Wednesday’s spectacular race of said smyckesbolaget Robert Friman, Laila Bagge as one of storägarna, with a fall of 44 per cent. Serious fraud office has brought criminal charges against two of the First North-listed company’s employees.

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