Morgonrapport: Opening around the resistance level…?

Buyers stepped back into the picture on Friday, which meant that storbolagsindexet managed OMXS30 rise +0.27 per cent, to 1646.5 points. The turnover on the stockholm stock exchange was anything other than lower than desired, and amounted to 15 billion. Leading futures pointing this morning on a less positive tongång, which means that there are opportunities for a potentially challenging the technical resistance level at 1650 points…

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Today’s analysis

Friday’s trading managed to close in slightly positive territory, despite the fact that during the latter part of the day stepped in to slightly minus.

Very true, we got a handelsintervall in the 1640-1650 highlighted as a possible scenario, then we have a somewhat lower purchase and sales value last week, compared with the past.

We turn our eyes towards the leading futures, it looks like we can possibly begin the day just below the technical resistance level 1650 points.

Also, the american semester, the S&P 500, is on the slightly positive mood this morning after overnight trading in Asia. Then, this can potentially increase the likelihood of an opening in the positive territory, reinforcing this positive tongång this morning.

Despite the fact that we see the mixed noises in Asia, lifts the oil, a positive image, this morning, by stepping back over the 51 dollar after saudi Arabia are in favour of a extended to fall a further 9 months.

In our timdiagram above, we have, despite the lower peaks of the last three trading days clear köpstyrka just at the end of Friday’s trading, which could be a potential positive piece of the puzzle for the challenging of the technical nyckelnivån as the resistance at 1650 points.

The consolidation that looks to run between 1640-1650 points in recent days, means that this may increase the possibilities for a possibly stronger movement to the north, however to the south out of this range. Perhaps it is the breath and concentration we are experiencing right now…

The previous week closed on a weak plus, and köpvolymen was slightly higher than the previous week. Despite the fact that we got a lower movement, this may possibly confirm that we still have the underlying köpstyrka behind the curtain.

For today’s trade we keep track on the resistance levels as 1650, but also the high for the year at 1654.50 points. We also have further technical resistance levels at 1670, 1682, and the previous all-time high at 1720 points.

An outbreak on the downside during the 1640 points, means that we keep an eye on technical levels of support as 1630 points, followed by not at least technical, but also sentimental heltalsnivån 1600 points.

What hålltider and the company reports the next weeks you can read here.

Friday’s main börshändelser.

Gaining strength for further rise in the Getinge…?

Maintaining the land over sek 175 after the previous eruption.

Getinge continues to muster after a previous outbreak of technical nyckelnivån at 175 sek.

Just 175 sek is a price level which, historically, shown a high trading volume, which means that we have a clear fulcrum.

Since 2007, we have several times experienced difficulties to outbreaks and breakthroughs of this fulcrum, and the short-term it can be a mobilization that is taking place before on the rise.

We break away to the north out of consolidation, it opens the door up for a visit of the sentimental heltalsnivån 200 sek.

If we are against all odds losing ground and establish us in 175 kronor, this increases the probability of a fall to 160 bucks…

Among the latest riktkurserna for the company’s share, we find Kepler Cheuvreux at 178 crowns, and DNB Markets at 170 sek.

Astra Zeneca rushing after the positive outcome of the Pacific-study.

Notes at the same time, a new high for the year, after initially rise at 5 per cent.

Astra Zeneca steps initially over 5% on Friday morning.

The company presented positive study results from the Pacific-study for immunterapibehandlingen Imfinzi, treating non small cell lung cancer in stage III who cannot have surgery.

”The work is intense from now”, said the company’s press officer, who highlighted that Astra Zeneca is the first positive result for the immunerapibehandlingar in this type of lung cancer.

Friday’s rise means that the company’s share have risen over 15% since the end of the year, while a new high for the year was noted, challenged the resistance level at 580 bucks…

BMW falls sharply from the high for the year…

German automobile manufacturer in action when the american owners are worried when ABC News reported on the mysterious bilbränder…

German car maker BMW fall sharply on Friday, with over 3 per cent.

Thus deviates from the automaker from its high for the year.

In the news we find that ABC News reported on several mysterious bilbränder in the united states, from the cars that have been turned off and parked.

BMW themselves have gone out with a press release that you do not see any relation about the more than 40 bilbränder as ABC News reported on Thursday, and stresses that the 4.9 million cars on u.s. roads to bilbränder is extremely rare.

Friday’s decline means that we have now deviated from the high for the year, also the highest price level since January of 2016 around 91 euros, and now looks to be on the road to challenge MA 100…

Hålltider during the day

Company reports

  • Vostok New Ventures (8.00), Episurf Medical (amended dates fr 22/5) (8.30)


  • BTS (2:50 kr.), G5 Entertainment (0:75 kr), Schibsted (1:75 nok)

Macro statistics

  • United kingdom: Rightmove house prices may at 1.01
  • China: retail sales, industrial production, investments april at 4.00
  • Mäklarstatistik: house prices april at 6.00
  • Finland: CPI, april 8: 00 am
  • Denmark: GDP-indicator 1 kv at 9: 00 am
  • Valueguard: house prices april at 9.00 am
  • SCB industry, layer 1 sw at 9.30 am
  • SCB: industry capacity utilisation of the 1 kv at 9.30 am
  • Portugal: GDP (prel) q1 at 10: 30 a.m.
  • AF: the weekly statistics at 10.45
  • Greece: GDP (prel) q1 11.00
  • Poland: the CPI of april at 14.00
  • USA: Empire Manufacturing Index of may at 14.30
  • USA: NAHB house price index of may at 16.00
  • China: new lending, M2 april

All börshändelser and estimates for the week can be found here!

Latest börsnyheterna

The stockholm stock exchange was moving around zero on Friday and closed slightly up. H&M supported the index, while the workshops had a weaker development.

Storbolagsindexet OMXS30 index closed 0.3 per cent up on the level 1.646,5. The turnover on the stockholm stock exchange have been summarised to just over 15 billion on Friday. Even on the continent steps the leading indices weak.

Astra Zeneca lifted close to 8 percent as the most actively traded share on the stockholm stock exchange since it presented positive phase 3 results from a study on immunterapibehandlingen Imfinzi (durvalumab) against a form of lung cancer.

After the Astra, both in terms of sales which, from a kursuppgångsperspektiv in the OMXS30, was found H&M to 2.4 percent higher.

Data on new attempts to merge the two u.s. mobile operators Sprint and T-Mobile supported teleoperatörssektorn overall globally. In Stockholm climbed Tele2 and Telia 1.5 and 1.2 per cent.

Resource companies had generally a heavy development in Europe during the Friday and Boliden dropped 0.6 per cent, while commodity-related SSAB A fell more than 2 percent. In the cyclic dropped on Sandvik 3 percent, while Atlas, SKF and Alfa Laval were down between 1% and 2% in the workshop.

Storägaren Bravissima has sold all of its remaining shares in Bravida for the course 61 sek. Shares lost key 3 percent to 61:20 sek.

Drönarbolaget Eads fell 14% since it announced that the framework agreement with the ACC, Avic Supply and Marketing Huabei from 2014, as well as the leverensavtal about 20 systems that were signed between Eads and the ACC in 2015 has terminerats.

Lucara Diamond fell more than 1 percent after a diamantauktion not offered some surprises.

Cloud Republic closed at the level of 18:20 crowns during his debuthandelsdag on the NGM. Far from the introductory price of 27 dollars.

Nibe dropped close to 5 per cent, or just over 4 dollars. Dividend of 0:88 crowns weighed down in part, but DNB, SEB and Pareto have lowered their recommendations.

Alimak has been up to the monitoring of the DNB, which starts with the purchase and riktkursen 160 sek. The share price rose close to 5 per cent or sek 6 to sek 135 despite the secluded dividend of 1:sek 60 per share. Hissbolaget also announced on Friday that it has taken orders in the USA worth sek 85 million.

In the waning rapportflödet step Opus 8.5 per cent after a report that were consistently better than expected.

Bjorn Borg, who came up with the report in connection with the closing on Thursday, declined 2.6 percent after a much smaller operating profit.

The It-company BTS rose more than 4 percent after reporting rising revenues and profit.

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