Morgonrapport: it’s time for the OMXS30 to step over 1650…?

It inledningsvisa negative sentiment on Thursday morning meant that we got a finally closure -0.46%, to 1642 points in the OMXS30 index. The turnover increased and amounted to 19 billion kronor on the stockholm stock exchange. The week’s last trading day is expected to open in slightly positive territory, and the question is if we get a seriously challenging our resistance level 1650 points today…

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Today’s analysis

Apart from Monday, the current week’s trading meant that we got a certain amount of pressure towards the downside. This has resulted in that we’re more or less back to square one, and the week rise so far a week ago now amounts to more than one-half of one percent.

We have had a clear handelsintervall in 1640-1650 in two days, with a very weak attempt at outbreak.

Initially, the points leading futures that we can get open just above Thursday’s closing price, around 1646 points.

This would mean that we are opening around a fulcrum on the basis of volymområdet during the last two days.

Thursday’s title was given to obey, ”the OMXS30 entrenched at 1650…”, and because we expect a further rise to the 1670s, followed by 1700 points, we are not completely little surprised that we got to experience less profit-taking in the face of this, when we have been short-sighted clearly overbought.

We now have two days with the closing on the minus, and despite the fact that we got a good sized turnover on the stockholm stock exchange, we did not have any major increase of the sales volume in the OMXS30 index.

This means that we maintain a positive outcome in ‘ vapour, so we have a larger köpvolym and sales as a whole during the uppgångsdagar, compared with nedgångsdagar.

The really big point of equilibrium, crossroads at 1600 points has not been challenged since we broke above this level, on 24 april this year, while the average MA 50, 100 and 200 not even been in the vicinity for a challenging since this outbreak.

Attention is therefore to the north, and now with two days of trading, with weakness of the downs, we have also provided a short-term overbought territory.

However, had it not damaged the to another less nedgångsdag, for this had created a space for concentration that increases the probability of strength for a clear establishment of 1670 points already in the beginning of the next week, at least one seriously challenging.

Today’s trading will, in all probability, unless nothing unexpected happens, mean that we traded in the primary 1640-1650 points, with a small elevated possibility that we may get a closure over 1650 points.

American semester the S&P 500 traded early this morning, slightly less with -0.15%, after that we got a conclusion on Thursday evening to slightly minus. This means that we may get a slightly worse opening than expected this Friday morning there if this keeps up. Right you can often see a correlation, and the opening in line with where this semester is traded after the night’s trading in Asia.

In Asia we see primary movement in the Nikkei 225 traded half a percent down, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng traded, however just over zero.

We maintain ahead of today’s trading, a situation where the resistance waits at 1650, 1670, 1682, followed by the all time high at 1720 points.

Underlying support levels are found primarily in 1640, 1630, followed by the sentimental heltalsnivån at 1600 points.

What hålltider and the company reports the next weeks you can read here.

Yesterday’s main börshändelser.

Goldman shed Handelsbanken on Thursday.

Get the share to deviate from the resistance level, with an initially decline of just -1.5%…

Handelsbanken fell initially over 1 percent on Thursday, after Goldman Sachs cuts its recommendation on the company to neutral, from a previous purchase. Riktkursen was lowered also to 148 from the previous 171 kronor.

Goldman repeated at the same time, the recommendation buy for the Bank, neutral for SEB in the sektoranalys released.

Handelsbanken reported on april 26, an operating profit of 5.347 million in the first quarter, over waited 4.883 million.

The company’s net interest income, which amounted to 7.081 million was, however, during the waiting 7.122 million.

”SHB’s report for the first quarter was okay but the bank’s profitability does not support the high valuation compared to other companies in the sector.” commented Andreas Håkansson from Exane BNP Paribas in a analytikerkommentar to the News agency Immediately after the report.

Today’s reduced recommendation means that we have a price target from SHB at 148£, and Danske Bank on 130 sek.

At the same time, it means that in addition to the share differed from the resistance level at 128 sek, traded company now after today’s decline below the MA 50.

Starbreeze falls on report!

The first quarter clearly affected by the increased costs…

Starbreeze reported on Thursday an operating profit of -35.3 million in the first quarter of 2017.

The shares fell initially over 4 percent on the report, whose first quarter was clearly impacted by the increased costs.

Since the end of the year, the company’s shares have fallen more than -22%.

Both the increased cost when it comes to marketing and the game development project were highlighted.

”The second quarter typically contain the majority of our marketing expenses, mainly due to our participation at the E3 trade show in Los Angeles. This year, marketing spending instead to reach its peak during the first quarter as we shifted from the E3 to the activities that we think provides more value,” wrote the company in the report.

Thursday’s decline means that the share can be on your way to challenge the support level at 14.60 dollars. The next support level then waits at 12.50 crowns.

Värmeteknikföretaget from Markaryd clear winner on Thursday morning.

Nibe rushing around 6 per cent after Thursday’s report.

Värmeteknikföretaget Nibe reported on Thursday a profit before tax of sek 396 million in the first quarter, above the expected 356 million.

The shares rushed initially around 6% after the report, which means that its share price since the end of the year now risen above 20 percent.

Among other things, lifted it out of the report that sales in the business area of the Elements, was 16 percent higher than expectations, according to SME direkt.

On Friday, it was revealed in a press release that the company bought 80% of Italian company HT, which produces high-tech heating solutions for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning, food production, packaging and other industrial applications.

The company has also made further acquisitions since the previously reported, as late as 20 February, when the company announced a purchase of 50 per cent in the värmepumpsföretaget CGC Group of Companies in Canada.

Hålltider during the day

Company reports

  • Catella (at 7.00), BTS (7.30), Opus (at 8.30)
  • Allianz (at 7.00), Arcelor Mittal (at 7.00), Thyssen Krupp (at 7.00)


  • Alimak (1:60 kr), B3IT (2:10 kr.), Boule Diagnostics (1:40 kr.), CTT Systems (2:10 kr.), FM Mattsson (3:00£), Generic (0:30 kr.), Intellecta (0:50 sek), Karo Pharma (0:28 usd + 0.22 extra ), Maxfastigheter (0:62 kr), Nibe (0:88 kr.), Odd Molly (1:00 sek), Ratos (sek 30 in the preferred share quarterly), Yara (10:00 nok)

Macro statistics

  • Germany: GDP (prel) q1 8.00
  • Germany: CPI (def) april 8: 00 am
  • Spain: CPI (def) in april at 9.00 am
  • EMU: industrial production march at 11.00
  • US: CPI, april at 14.30
  • United states: retail sales april at 14.30
  • USA: Michiganindex (tbc) may at 16.00
  • United states: stock of unsold goods in march at 16.00
  • China: new lending, M2 april


  • Copenhagen closed

All börshändelser and estimates for the week can be found here!

Latest börsnyheterna

The stockholm stock exchange opened Thursday’s trading with minor changes on the downside. The strength in the rate of decline accelerated slightly in connection with that trade on the U.S. stock markets opened lower courses. Secluded dividends in the H&M and Kinnevik also put its mark on the indexutvecklingen.

At the time of closing was noted storbolagsindexet OMXS30 index down 0.5% to 1.642. Taken into account for secluded dividends was index down 0.3 per cent. Shares of 19.0 billion had changed hands.

H&M and Kinnevik dropped 1.5% or 3:30 kronor, respectively, over 3 per cent or sek 8 in the wake of the secluded dividends. In H&M’s case, that divides the dividend in semi-annual payments, the amounts of the separated dividend to 4:90 kronor per share. Kinnevik’s dividend low of sek 8 per share.

In the banking sector dropped Handelsbanken 1% since Goldman Sachs has lowered the recommendation of the SHB shares to neutral from buy.

SKF had a heavy day with a decline of more than 2 percent, while Electrolux went ahead with a rise of 1 per cent.

The price of oil continued its surge from Wednesday, and brent crude sniffed at a listing around 51 dollars a barrel. Most of the upturn in the sector which were noted at noon in Stockholm were, however, wiped out at closing. Among the mining companies that benefited from higher metal prices were themselves Boliden and Lundin Mining firm at a rise of 0.6% and 1.5% respectively.

The location of the Nordic Capital near 19% of the shares of health care company Capio was, to a price level of sek 50, it can be compared with sek 52 in the closing price on Wednesday. Shares fell almost 4 percent to 50 dollars, the same level as for the location.

Among Swedish rapportvinnare were found Nibe, up more than 9 per cent. The result was better than expected and the business Elements, sales were clearly higher than the SME expectation.

Starbreeze’s first quarter was negatively impacted by increased costs and the operating profit landed on the -50,8 million (-9,5). Shares lost 6.5 per cent.

Balder improved 2.5 per cent after its report, which showed that increased rental income and improved result.

Odd Molly fell by over 9 percent after the clothing chain, have demonstrated a decline in earnings and a reduced gross margin.

Trade in installationsbolaget Instalco has begun on Thursday. The share traded to a price of sek 65. The price in börsintroduktionserbjudandet was sek 55 per share, the highest level in the previously specified range of 50 to 55 sek.

IPO-ague on the småbolagslistorna has continued on Thursday. Secits Holding, First North, was the latest in a line of very weak listings. Secits, which sells cloud-based monitoring services, had during its first partial fiscal year results, -2,1 million with revenue of just over sek 15 million. The share was traded to the course 9:90. Course in an issue that ended in march was 13:71 per share.

At the close of trading was expected to report from Björn Borg. The results and the gross margin declined vis-à-vis fjolårsperioden, while net sales rose with the support of the acquisition, the company’s former distributor.

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