More than one employee on 4 think to have lost payslips

And yet, archiving solutions online exist and 80% of employees are in favour !

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The decree n° 2016-1762 of December 16, 2016 relating to the dematerialisation of payslips dictated by the former government has been put in force on January 1, 2017.

It simplifies the process of the employer who can now choose the dematerialization general pay slips unless the employee opposes it and wishes to continue to receive a paper version.

But what is it the expectations of employees ?

Of the key figures that reveal a clear contrast : the employees are ready to receive their payslips in the format dematerialized. More than one employed person in four thinks have already lost, that is why they want a mode of archiving alternative. Yet only 10% of them receive them by electronic means.

Key figures

>> 80% of respondents believe that it is important to have a storage mode alternative in the event of a disaster,

>> 79% of respondents would be willing to receive their payslips on an online secure,

>>10% of employees receive their pay slips electronically,

>> 26% of the respondents feel that they have lost payslips.

The French ready-to-go digital, more convenient and secure

A very large share (80%) of the employees interviewed believed that it is important to have a method of archiving an alternative to their pay-slips in order not to lose them in the event of a claim, including a third (34%) considers it “very important”.

This importance is particularly sensitive to the employees who doubted the safety of their classification (85%), those who already receive their mail electronically (87%), as well as those who fall on a hard disk or an in-room safe (95%)

The importance of the conservation of payslips result is a strong appetite for an online solution to receive and retain securely their payslips in-room safes electronic : 79% of employees surveyed would like to receive it in the cases where it would be available (35% of them show some).

It is in the first place the secure archiving offered as well as the practicality of the tool that are widely acclaimed by the employees: 57% cite the fact of further securing the conservation of their salary, and 50% the fact make it easier to find these documents.

For 41% of the employees access to their pay slips at a distance is also one of the main incentives. The speed of delivery of its newsletters payroll and the ability to transmit it to third parties more easily appear in minor, cited by, respectively, 27% and 16% of the employees interested by this type of online solution.

Yet in the face of these expectations high on the part of employees, only 10% of them now receive their payslips electronically.

Pay stubs lost by many employees

More than one worker in four (26%) thinks to have lost her pay slips over the course of his career.

21% of employees think they have lost payslips without being able to say with certainty, 5% are some. This proportion rises to 9% among those putting their pay slips in paper with other documents. This phenomenon is also explained by the fact that 14% of employees consider their mode of classification little course.

It is critical, therefore, that the number of ballots lost ceases to increase in order to avoid any difficulty during administrative procedures or claims for pension rights, for example.

Solutions electronic safes allow you to solve this problem. However, employees still have some misgivings.

A certain reticence observed by the employees

The reluctance towards securing data on the digital tools is the main brake to lift for the development of a preservation solution online.

The obstacles to the development of online archiving are primarily related to a mistrust in the security of online data (45% expressed their lack of appetite for such a solution because they do not have confidence in solutions in electronic safe). The fear of encountering difficulties with respect to the use of such a tool (13% of the employees believe that the integration of all former bulletins appears to be too time consuming, or even 5% believe that digital tools will appear complicated to use) only emerges in the background.


The survey was conducted among a sample of 1002 people representative of the officers and executives of companies located in France. The representativeness of the sample was ensured by the method of quotas (sex, age, occupation and region). The interviews were conducted by self-administered questionnaire online from may 14 to June 1, 2016.


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