More annual summit of the huf exchange rate against key currencies

This year, the strongest rate and annual rate, reaching a peak at the huf on Thursday against key currencies in the interbank market.

The forint on Thursday morning, even the previous napinál a bit weaker, the euro 306,11 huf, the $ 265,72 Hungarian forints, swiss francs and 278,23 huf was recorded. The ECB’s monetary policy is expected to change the news of the international currency markets movements parallel to the huf exchange rate momentum is getting stronger as it started.

The European Central Bank (ECB) Thursday’s rate decision meeting following the briefing, Mario Draghi, the ECB president indicated the governing council for the next two meetings one of I will discuss the quantitative monetary relaxation program further fate. Following the announcement, the euro exchange rate for several years, reaching a peak against the dollar is 1.16 $ subscription above.

The euro is quoted this after quite 304,93 up to huf go down, which in addition to the huf this year’s strongest exchange rate against the euro, 2016 november since the middle of the strongest.

The $ 261,97 huf was recorded in the afternoon before five, which is also this year’s strongest huf exchange rate. The last time a similar level to December 2015, the dollar is quoted in huf.

The swiss franc is quoted quite 275,60 huf for fall, which is the huf strongest rate since the swiss central bank’s January 2015 15-I abolished the frank against the euro exchange rate threshold. The swiss franc exchange rate, then a few minutes 265 from huf 310 huf.

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