More and more republicans support Trump-review.

A small but growing number of republicans supports an independent review of the possible association between the Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and Russia. A republican mentions even the word impeachment.

It is reported by Reuters in the wake of the alleged data from the dismissed head of the federal police, the FBI, James Comey, that Trump should have tried to get Comey to close down the investigation of the former national security advisor Michael Flynn.

During Wednesday evening has the downturn in the u.s. stock market expanded compared with in the afternoon. The dollar has also weakened for the sixth day in a row, while bond yields have moved down as investors have sought safer investments.

Paul Ryan, the republican speaker of the house of representatives, has insisted that the republican lagstiftningsagenda not be paralyzed by the recent turn of events.

The u.s. department of justice, appointed on Wednesday former FBI director Robert Mueller to investigate the alleged Russian involvement in the u.s. elections in 2016 and the possible collusion between the president of Donald Trump’s campaign, and Moscow.

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