Mixed changes in the leading stocks

The Budapest stock exchange share index, the BUX 209,57 accurate 0,59 percent increase, 35 633,91 point, closed Friday.

The stock market turnover of huf 10.1 billion, was the leading stocks mixed change in the previous day’s close.

Miró Joseph, Erste Investment Zrt. senior analyst the M1 current channel said: of the leading Hungarian stocks showed mixed performance, with the BUX index, increases in the OTP and Richter strengthening of due. The lead analysis according to the Hungarian bank paper, exchange rate is not very effective, the Reuters news agency that information, according to which OTP Bank purchased the Banca Romaneasca financial institutions, which according to the news relatively cheap on book value below. Considered the Friday 1,18 percent increase in the previous day’s big drop correction.

Explained: the Hungarian stock market had no effect in the lapértesülés, according to which in Germany, since 1990, virtually all major car manufacturers arm ellezett. He added, as Germany’s relationship with Turkey strained, not only the automobile manufacturers but also by those German companies also suffered, with a strong Turkish exposure. The Volkswagen roughly 5 percent reduction, was forced to suffer. The DAX index close to 2 percent evaluation.

Mol 110 huf 0,51% 21 585 huf weakened to 1.4 billion forints in circulation.

OTP shares 110 huf, 1,18 percent 9440 huf strengthened, turnover of 6 billion huf.

Magyar Telekom rate of 3 huf, of 0.64 percent 469 huf for events, traffic 449,2 million huf.

The Richter paper price of 110 huf, of 1.64 percent, 6820, huf has grown to a turnover of 1.6 billion huf.

The BUMIX 2736,23 point closed on Friday, it’s 4,69 accurate, 0,17 percent decline Thursday’s close relative.

The BSE áruszekciójában in have not changed the rates. The feed corn that September per tonne continue to 44 500 huf, the sunflower October per tonne remains at 96 000 huf, rape, and August per tonne of remains 101 000 huf.

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