Ministers in the Uk plan for softer Brexit.

Some of the Uk’s prime minister Theresa Mays more senior ministers are working to dampen her plan on a hard brexit and suggests that the Uk can remain in the EU single market and customs union, while the prime minister fights for his political survival.

It reports Bloomberg News, and refers to three senior government sources.

According to the sources, is Theresa May greatly weakened after valbakslaget and she is now so dependent on political rivals in and outside the party that she will not force through its plan for a clean break from the EU.

Finance minister Philip Hammond stated position, the foremost proponent of a softer brexit. He should have said to the prime minister that he only stays at his post if he gets more influence over the utträdesförhandlingarna.

A senior minister also stated that the fact that Theresa May intends to rely on the northern irish DUP, meaning that she may be forced to keep Britain in the customs union and the single market.

Further the minister stated that pro-european Tory meps may now have been encouraged to argue for a softer agreement with the EU that prioritises the interests of business.

The prime minister has, however, appointed the stated brexitförespråkare Michael Gove to the minister in his new government.

The Financial Times further reports that Theresa May is facing a difficult meeting with the newly elected Tory members on Monday. According to one member, she has to do ”their life’s performance” in order to convince a traumatised party that she can continue to lead the country and deliver brexit.

George Osborne, the former finance minister and now editor of the Evening Standard, believes that the prime minister’s days are numbered.

”She is a ‘dead woman walking’ and the only question is how long she will remain in the capture,” he said.

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