Mediation : the cncef offers a service to its members

Since January 1, 2016, each professional has the obligation to offer consumers to use a mediation for the amicable resolution of any dispute. Of competent jurisdiction to resolve in this mission, the ombudsman must be referenced by the Commission Monitoring and Evaluation of Mediation (CECMC).

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The members of the CNCEF, combining several articles (advice, wealth management, advice from business leaders, intermediaries in credit, real estate professionals) have to offer their customers, the different mediators. This is why the National Chamber of Consulting-Financial Experts (CNCEF), has signed an agreement with the Centre for Mediation and Arbitration of Paris (CMAP).

“Previously, our members were asked to indicate, according to the source of the dispute, several mediators to their clients : that is to say, that of the AMF for all products, such as the marketing of financial products, – portfolio management, – transmission of stock exchange orders, – the holding of a securities account or PEA, – Forex (if the company is accredited), – the employee savings…, – the ombudsman of the insurance for all the products insurance,” says Elizabeth Decaudin, General delegate of the CNCEF.

This agreement between the CNCEF and the CMAP will allow professionals in the finance and wealth management and real estate, turn to the IMAC, all applications for mediation. It will direct the dispute to the mediator concerned and will handle all other requests. It is to be remembered that before applying to the ombudsman, it must be contacted prior to the professional to attempt to settle the dispute. A proof of this first approach will be required by the mediator.

Treatment procedure

Accredited by the Commission of evaluation and monitoring of the mediation of consumption (CECMC), placed under control by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the CMAP can be entered online or by mail, by a consumer a request for designation of a mediator. Exercising its mission in full independence, impartiality and neutrality, in respect of the conduct and of the texts regulating the mediation of the consumption, it will hear the parties, in order to investigate the dispute, provided that the referral has been declared admissible.

No charges to the consumer

The mediation, which is free for the consumer, remains the responsibility of the professional who will perform the work performed by the CMAP ; that an agreement has been found or not.


Created in 1957, the CNCEF brings together finance professionals spread over the whole French territory. It is as well as nearly 1500 Advisors-financial Experts, professionals are at the service of companies or heads of companies. Through their membership, they share knowledge, skills and competencies in order to ensure their own personal development, but also guarantee their clients a quality service, in all areas of finance. Finally, the CNCEF is also a community of complementary expertise of the trades, accountants, notaries and lawyers. It is home to the CNCIF, the CNCIOB and the CNCEIP, its subsidiaries. More info on :

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