Medellin, the city violent has become a showcase high-tech

The architecture and innovation, can they defeat the crime ? Sitting in an old rough neighbourhood of Medellin, the three buildings orange of the incubator Ruta N are up to the challenge with panache.

This immense centre eco-friendly dedicated to innovation, offering programs, facilities and scholarships to its tenants, has been able to attract businesses and start-ups from around the world. A beautiful story that begins at the end of the 2000s, when Alonso Salazar was elected mayor of Medellin. “The city has changed its economic role. Located 2 000 km from the coast, struggling to find support in the exports, Medellín focuses on the knowledge-based economy, on energy, health and information technologies and communication “, recalls the engineer Alejandro Franco, director of the structure.

“144 companies from 24 different countries ”

In 2009, Ruta N has been fulfilled by this change. This incubator giant aims to develop an ecosystem of innovation by welcoming small and large businesses, colombian and foreign. “We are the only public building in the country certified LED. A refrigeration system innovative we actually use very little air conditioning, and we collect water from the rain “, sets out Alejandro Franco. But it is especially the multidisciplinarity and multiculturality of the place that is before the executive director of Ruta N. ” We host 144 companies from 24 different countries, for a total of 1,900 jobs “, details there.

Among these companies, the French Keyros, arrived in Colombia in 2016 by focusing on the strategic geographic situation of the country, its political stability and its dynamic growth. When it was necessary to find offices for the centre of expertise of the Hybris – platform-e-trade group, the choice was quickly focused on Ruta N. ” It is less expensive than a coworking classic…

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