Mandalay Resources Corporation reports on the flood at the Cerro Bayo mine

TORONTO, 12 June 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mandalay Resources Corporation (“Mandalay” or the “Company”) (TSX:MND) must unfortunately announce that this morning occurred a flood which led to the part Delia 2 Delia NW mine, which belongs to the Company’s Cerro Bayo property was buried completely in the water. Two of the mayor of mandalay employees worked in this part of the mine when the accident occurred. Immediately launched rescue operations and they will continue, but unfortunately is hampered by the flood extent.

The accident has been reported to the chilean authorities. Mining operations at Cerro Bayo has been interrupted and the Company is now working closely with the authorities to provide an effective response. The company will put out a new press release as soon as more information is available.

Mark Sander, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mandalay, said: “We deeply regret this unexpected event, and now we are focusing on the bail-out. Of course we will keep our stakeholders informed about developments at the mine and there we come to the current cause of the accident. Right now, our thoughts are with the miners and their families”.

About Mandalay Resources Corporation:

Mandalay Resources is a canadian company that works with natural resources and has production assets in Australia, Chile and Sweden, and a development project in Chile. The company is focused on an acquisition strategy and to generate the necessary volume by adding projects, which are in a far developed stage or already in production in the gold, copper, silver and antimony in Australia, America and Europe to create short-term cash flow and value for shareholders.

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Mark Sander

President and Chief Executive Officer

Greg DiTomaso

Director of Investor Relations


+1 647 260 1566

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