Macron and the trade unions : “The confederations need to redial the logical inclusive of the wages system “

Forum. To be powerful, it is going to be unavoidable. Whether by control or by cooperation, the French trade unions have hitherto shown themselves powerless to oppose the wave Macron and, above all, to mobilize those who, in a still recent past, demonstrators in their call. But, beyond this time the arrogance of the rulers does not leave a lot of space to the objections, the questions posed to trade unionism in France enroll in a longer perspective and wider.

Wider, in fact, because, as for many economic and social topics, it is useful to situate the trade unionism in France in his european environment. In a different way depending on the country, the weakening of trade unions is generally, and, sometimes, considerable on the fifteen or twenty last years.

The trade unionism in French is not the sick man of a Europe union where all would be well, it is in unison of a trend, it amplifies it, sometimes with her own characters well-known : the number of members stable, but at a very low level, a strong institutional integration, lack of financial independence, etc

Finally, his ability to weigh in on the national debate by making live references to the public service, inequality and social policies in general, is in a severe decline in recent years.

It should, however, be missing a certain catastrophism, because, on other planes, the unionism does not record failures. The unions are, in spite of everything, present in many companies, they lead to struggles as legitimate, and they signed a number of local agreements that do not appear to penalize excessively the competitiveness, all in a context of which the least one can say is that it is not a friendly one.

If the pressures of the context are numerous, it must not neglect the contribution that the French unions to bring themselves to their weakening….

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