Lucibel and SBS Furniture launch an offer of furniture connected to it via the solution, ” LiFi by Lucibel “

In the framework of the development strategy of its solution LiFi, Lucibel, the French specialist in communication solutions for the LED light, offers now a range of furniture connected designed with his partner SBS Furniture, the French specialist of acoustic solutions for the work environment.

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The objective of this new offer is to create zones of connectivity, guarantee and secure to the destination of users varied by limiting the technical constraints.

Indeed, it is for the moment still need to use a key LiFi to connect to the internet via light. Thus, thanks to this offer that directly incorporates the key LiFi in the furniture, the use case is greatly facilitated, especially in environments with high density of users (airports, train stations, congress halls…).

The first achievements were made possible by the installation of seats connected to it (see picture), bubbles of work, as evidenced by Laurent Charon, Director of Innovation of Viparis, the operator of 10 exceptional places in Paris, the leading conference and trade shows in Europe:

“In continuous search for innovation, Viparis experimenting since January, the technology Lifi by Lucibel” at the Palais des Congrès in Paris. We would like to offer on our places of work spaces well connected, comfortable and confidential. On the occasion of the European Days of the French Society of Cardiology (JESFC) that bring together nearly 8,000 health professionals, many visitors were able to benefit from this service. We are now working with SLMS on the uses and business models associated with this concept that we have called #BulleBusiness”

SLMS (Schneider Lucibel Managed Services, a Joint Venture between Lucibel and Schneider Electric), specialist offerings designed and managed around the light connected, has identified a real need for business travelers to access to work spaces comfortable, confidential with a secure connection to work from 20 minutes to 1 hour during their travel.

Edward Lebrun, General Manager of Lucibel in charge of the Business Unit ” Interactive Technologies “, said : “We are delighted with these first projects, which allow the largest number to test the quality and safety of access to the internet by the light of the conditions of use are facilitated by the integration of the key LiFi in furniture connected”

About Lucibel :

LUCIBEL is a French innovative who designs and manufactures in France products and lighting solutions in the new generation of LED technology. LUCIBEL is also a pioneer in the development and commercialisation of LiFi, solution of access to internet by the light co-developed with its partner scottish pureLiFi
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Lucibel is listed on Alternext Paris / Mnémo : ALUCI / ISIN Code : FR0011884378
Lucibel is eligible for the PEA, the PEA PME and FCPIS

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