Loss in close in the main western european markets

Loss closed on Thursday, the main western european stock exchanges, the leading indexes of two and a half month low on they went during the day, after the European Central Bank’s governing council’s latest interest rate decisions from meeting a published protocol that you testified, that the decision-makers are ready for another step in the monetary stimulus under suppression.

The london stock exchange’s main index, the FTSE-100 index of 0.41 percent 7337,25 points, the frankfurt DAX index of 0,58 percent to 12 381,25 points, the paris CAC-40 index is 0,53 percent 5152,40 point.

The pan-european index, the Stoxx Europe 600 0,67 per cent, the FTSE eurofirst 300 index to 0.68 percent, the eurozone EuroStoxx50 index and 0,54 percent.

The ECB governing council’s June 7-8 meeting of of Thursday, published transcripts, it appears that the euro zone’s central bank started preparing for the extremely low interest rates and massive bond-buying program, based on loose monetary policy tightening, but the unwanted market turmoil, in order to avoid slowly going to move.

The deliberations following the press conference there was nothing that suggested that the governing council of the quantitative mitigation program cutbacks to make. From the record, however, it turned out, the monetary policy makers talk about how they leave you the promise that, if necessary, strengthen the 2300 billion euros bond purchase program. Finally, it’s decided against, because higher inflation is considered necessary. However, if the inflation prospects continue to improve, again on the agenda of the question.

The New York equity markets in all three main indicator of a moderate loss in the west-european stock markets at the close: the Dow Jones industrial average (DJIA) 0,35 percent, the S&P 500 is 0.53 percent, the Nasdaq market composite index and 0,49 percent minus.

The european stock market closed at a euro 1,1400 $ they gave me on a daily basis 0,43 percent higher against the common european currency.

The global trade point of view the most significant two crude oil mixture of Brent and WTI prices are rising due to the u.s. government’s energy information agency (EIA) published by the data, it turns out, the expected and three times greater extent close to 6.3 million barrel decrease in u.s. commercial oil reserve levels in the last week.

The north sea Brent light oil for September delivery per barrel (159 litres) 48,88$, $ 1 9 cents, 2,28 percent more expensive on the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) in london subscription. The New York commodities market in the western hemisphere benchmark West Texas Intermediate (WTI) u.s. light oil variety price for August delivery barrels per 1 dollar 15 cents, 2,55 percent, 46,28 $ increased.

The gold per ounce price for August delivery 0,16 percent 1223,70 dollar rose on the New York commodities market.

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