Local taxation weighs on the attractiveness of the cheapest cities

Despite the disappearance foretold of the housing tax, the tax burden will remain significant in a real estate purchase, shows a study published in the July 30 by Meilleurtaux.com. To recall, the housing tax – it was a campaign promise of Emmanuel Macron -, will be removed for 80 % of French households. Eligible households, those earning less 5 090 € per month for a couple with two children will see their tax fall from 30% in November 2018, 65% in 2019, and then it will disappear in 2020.

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Cold on the real estate market

But if the local tax will be reduced for these households, its weight in a real estate purchase will remain significant. This is evident in the simulations of Meilleurtaux made in July for an apartment of 70 m2 financed over 20 years, with the amounts of property tax and housing tax in force in 2017, for a couple with two children. “On average, for the ten major French cities, the local tax represents 183 euros more to spend each month, which is far from negligible “, explains Maël Bernier, a spokesman for Meilleurtaux.com.

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