Live: Joust parliamentary Westminster where the opposition to Johnson is organized

LONDON (Reuters) – members of british hostile to “Brexit” without agreement will seek to take advantage of the parliament is back in session Tuesday to try to force the hand of Boris Johnson and avoid the Uk leaving the european Union without an agreement.

Since he took over from Theresa May to the head of the british government, on 24 July last year, the british Prime minister repeats that the Uk will leave the european Union on 31 October, “costs”, with or without a negotiated agreement with Brussels, regardless of the consequences.

The prospect has alarmed the labour Party (opposition) and slingers of his own conservative Party who fear the economic and financial consequences of a “No Deal”.

Boris Johnson warned on Monday that he would not hesitate to call anticipated elections on the 14th of October if the Parliament was dictated by his conduct and ruled out any postponement of the date of the Brexit. He’ll need to gather a qualified majority of two-thirds of the 650 elected to the House of commons.

Some of the major developments of the day:


Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the labour opposition in Britain, believes he has enough votes to push back the date of Brexit and says he is prepared for the possibility of early elections.

The Labour leader was speaking after a meeting with the representatives of other political parties hostile to the prospect of a divorce without agreement. This meeting, he said, went very well. “We hope to work together to prevent a ‘No Deal’.”

He also said he was ready to return to the polls. “We want a general election, like all other political parties”, said the leader of the Labour. “The priority is to prevent an exit without the agreement of the EU on 31 October and we will see what happens after.”


Parliamentarians hostile to “Brexit” without agreement, from the ranks of opposition parties but also of the conservative Party of Johnson, have submitted a motion calling for a debate in the emergency on the withdrawal from the european Union.

The Speaker (chairman) of the House of commons, John Bercow, is to vote later in the day on the opportunity to act on it. “If the debate is held today, it could last for the time set by the ‘Speaker’ or at the latest until 22: 00 (GMT)” said the assembly.

This motion is the first blade of the initiative of parliamentarians. It must allow them to take control of the agenda of the House of commons and attempt to make vote a bill meant to prevent an exit without any agreement on the 31 October next.

OVERSEES The parliamentary initiative against “Brexit” without agreement


The spokesperson of the european Commission, Mina Andreeva, note during his press conference that Brussels considers that the prospect of a divorce without agreement is a “very clear”.

“Our working assumption is that there will be a “Brexit” October 31,” she said.


Boris Johnson has no intention to remove Britain from the european Union, said on Tuesday Nigel Farage, the leader of the anti-european party Brexit Party, so that it is difficult to imagine an electoral alliance with the conservatives, he added.

“Of course, if Boris Johnson says we will leave, we will have a clean break (…), then we, the Brexit the Party will put the country before party and tell mr. Johnson that we want to help as much as we can.

“But I’m afraid that this is not the wish of the Prime minister and he was very clear yesterday in Downing Street. What he wants, is to start the withdrawal agreement of ms. May.”

9: 30 am – THE BOOK HAS A MORE DOWN SINCE 2016 in the FACE of The EURO

The pound sterling lost 0,77% against the dollar, the lowest since 1985, if we exclude the “flash crash” of October 2016, and has declined 0.5% against the euro. The tensions around the Brexit also weigh on the euro, which fell by 0.25% to 1,0937 dollar.


Philip Hammond, former Finance minister, is confident that the alliance of convenience, grouping opposition parties and conservative mps hostile to the european policy of Johnson, can prevail in the House of commons.

The former chancellor of the Exchequer announced that he would support a text that could push back the date of Brexit and to defeat the will of the Prime minister to get the United Kingdom to the european Union on 31 October.

“I think that the account will be there”, he said in the microphone of the BBC. “Many of my colleagues were livid by some of the actions announced last week”, he added in reference to the decision of Boris Johnson to suspend the Parliament from next week and until the 14th of October. “I think that there is a group of conservatives who are now convinced that the time has come to put the interest of the nation before the threats personally against us or against our careers.”

Boris Johnson has warned the elected conservatives who are preparing to add their voices to those of his opponents that they would be excluded from the ranks of the Tory Party.

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