Linedata launches the dashboard smart Linedata Clarity and accompanied by managers of…

The new dashboard Linedata Clarity facilitates and accelerates the decision-making in the portfolio management

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It selects notifications based on the set of the parameters and data of each manager
This interface is modular and multi-platform participates in the processing of digital in the sector of asset management

PARIS, BOSTON, NEW YORK, LONDON and HONG KONG, June 7, 2017 – Linedata (NYSE Euronext : LIN), editor of solutions dedicated to the professionals of the asset management, insurance and credit, announces the launch of its dashboard smart Linedata Clarity, a solution designed to improve the identification of priorities and simplify the decision-making process of asset managers. This new interface is modular and can be integrated with the entire range of solutions for Asset Management of Linedata.

In the Face of the transformation to a digital environment complex financial, management companies need to control volumes of data, process, and synthesize in order to be able to make the best decisions in short time. Linedata Clarity simplifies this process by quickly identifying the most relevant information and allowing users to focus on the more important, and where they are.

Linedata Clarity thus provides a new method to all the decision makers in the sector of asset management – whether they are portfolio managers, compliance officers, traders or persons responsible for the management of risks – so that they keep a length in advance on the sector. This advanced dashboard standby to ensure that their attention is focused directly on the right information at the right time, thanks to smart notifications and an interactive interface allowing access to data to prioritize.

This first version of Linedata Clarity responds to the specific needs of portfolio managers, by leveraging the capabilities of multiple different solutions in order to obtain the most useful data. Until now, managers had a static view, provided by the reports pre-programmed. With Linedata Clarity, they now have a real-time view of the managed portfolios, large positions, trading activity, valuations and changes in the portfolio models, taking into account all of the possible exceptions.

Linedata has appealed to the cabinet of graphic art Fathom London to provide Linedata Clarity of a web design is fully responsive, compatible with all media – computers, smartphones, tablets, etc -, also incorporate a series of internal data and third-party, and to enrich visualization tools, guaranteeing a modern user experience and high-quality.

As explained by Ed Gouldstone, Head of Product Asset Management at Linedata, ” asset managers today must manage their business in real time and their daily lives is increasingly to analyse and sort the amounts of data to gain useful information. We are very excited to launch a product that meets the demand of our customers : Linedata Clarity streamlines the entire process of data management in order to assist managers to efficiently identify opportunities and detect problems before they occur. ”

Linedata is an editor of solutions dedicated to the professionals of the asset management, insurance and credit. With nearly 1250 employees in 20 offices across the globe, Linedata master the challenges of the financial industry and proposes solutions and innovative services, adapted to the evolution of the core business of its customers in over 50 countries. Pioneer there are more than 15 years with the putting in place of infrastructure SaaS for the financial industry, Linedata has spread this model across the whole of the financial community in the world, and on its entire range of products. Linedata has achieved in 2016 a turnover of 166,8 Million€. This company is listed on Euronext Paris Compartment B. FR0004156297-LIN – Reuters LDSV.LN – Bloomberg LIN:FP.

Linedata received the award for “Best Technology Provider in 2017” HFM European Hedge Fund Services and “Best Portfolio Management Solution 2017” of FundTech/Wall Street Letter.

Fathom London is a consultancy specialized in user experience and passionate about its mission, which is to create easy to use software dedicated to financial markets. Its customers include Tradeweb, Goldman Sachs, the Bank of England, Standard Chartered, Commerzbank and KPMG. Alongside institutions, and leading publishers, Fathom London transforms of the proposals and of existing applications in cutting-edge products, with solutions in which the design is thought to create innovation and added value. His last project in date have focused on applications of trading and price discovery, dashboards, risk management tools, complex data visualization, reporting systems for regulatory MIFID II and “builds” Cordova for iOS devices.

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