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Clients of Linedata Mfact can now benefit from the features of excellence Electra Reconciliation

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PARIS, BOSTON, HONG KONG, LONDON, NEW YORK, June 5, 2017 – Linedata (NYSE Euronext : LIN), editor of solutions dedicated to the professionals of the asset management, insurance and credit, and Electra Information Systems (Electra), the leading provider of reconciliation, asset management, today announced the integration of Electra Reconciliation, and of Linedata Mfact, the platform of fund accounting of Linedata. A dedicated interface between Electra Reconciliation and the platform of Linedata allows users of Linedata Mfact to instantly integrate the two solutions and ensures reliable interoperability and ongoing support to both Linedata and Electra.

Through this interface, customers benefit from a standard tool in checking the consistency of the accounts (positions, transactions and cash), a follow-up to historic and devices matching-to-measure ; in addition, they can now perform reconciliations, to more elaborate and more complex and, in particular, deploy mechanisms for the approximation of system to system and from multiple sources, reconciliation of NAV, P&L, the amounts of collateral and reference securities and data pricing. In addition, users of Linedata Mfact now have a solution that provides a complete vision and integrated their own positions and transactions, which facilitates examination and resolution of anomalies. The process of analysis is therefore generally more efficient for the customer.

The integration of Electra Reconciliation with Linedata Mfact helps in increasing the efficiency of end-to-end activities by automating the identification of exceptions and providing better visibility on the process management of exceptions. Electra Reconciliation automates and simplifies the reconciliation process and reduces costs and operational risks associated with it. In this framework, its functions include a space intuitive VL/TAN (net Asset Value/Total Net Assets of the portfolio) to assist fund managers in their process of reconciliation of the net asset value of the portfolios, a key component of the billing and reporting done for their clients. They also facilitate their reconciliation tasks intra-day and audit-to-n channels from multiple sources.

“The growing complexity of data management is a permanent challenge for the administrators of the funds. Our clients are looking for solutions enabling them to improve their operational efficiency, lower costs and reduce risk by strengthening the level of control and transparency “, explains Thierry Soret, Director of the business Fund Services at Linedata. He adds : “Ensuring the integrity of the data by the execution of the reconciliation process represents one of the major pillars of the administration of the funds. By integrating the platform Linedata Admin Edge platform for fund administration based on Linedata Mfact and Linedata Mshare incorporating innovative features to the management accountant, such as a web management portal for investors and investments with reporting functions flexible) and the solution of reconciliation, of Electra, we offer our customers a tool high-end, robust, and scalable. ”

“We are very pleased to consolidate our relationship with Linedata and the solution of reconciliation of Electra at the disposal of the community always most numerous fund administrators users of Linedata Mfact,” said Ian Danic, executive Director, Electra. “Data accuracy is critical to the fund administrator, and our cooperation with Linedata helps us to provide these companies with automated solutions and powerful workflows of reconciliation everywhere in the world. ”

Linedata is an editor of solutions dedicated to the professionals of the asset management, insurance and credit. With nearly 1250 employees in 20 offices across the globe, Linedata master the challenges of the financial industry and proposes solutions and innovative services, adapted to the evolution of the core business of its customers in over 50 countries. Pioneer there are more than 15 years with the putting in place of infrastructure SaaS for the financial industry, Linedata has spread this model across the whole of the financial community in the world, and on its entire range of products. Linedata has achieved in 2016 a turnover of 166,8 Million€. This company is listed on Euronext Paris Compartment B. FR0004156297-LIN – Reuters LDSV.LN – Bloomberg LIN:FP.

Award-winning, Electra Information Systems is a publisher of innovative software solutions for post-trade encountered in the service sector of asset management. Electra is the largest structure of the collection of accounting data for investment buy-side and its clients are institutional managers, hedge funds, insurance companies and pension funds that rely on its expertise in data management.
As a partner to its customers, who represent more than 200 users in 11 countries and one-third of the 50 and 200 largest asset management companies, Electra helps to reduce the risk while realizing the efficiency gains are significant. Strong of several decades of expertise, Electra offers a single point of access to specialized solutions for post-trade.
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