Limonetik, a payment tool, universal chose EBRC to operate its payment platform

Limonetik, a solutions provider of e-payment for large commercial sites, marketplaces and Payment Service Providers, has chosen EBRC to operate the platform and to ensure its effectiveness and reliability. EBRC benefits from many years of know-how recognized in the Fintechs and the security of information systems.

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Founded in 2007 by five partners, Limonetik offers solutions and payment services to the actors of the online sale and professionals in the traditional payment. The company is experiencing very strong growth ; and, last year, it doubled the volume of transactions conducted on its platform and expects to do even better this year.
“We chose EBRC, IT service provider and web host certified Tier IV for our platform that runs 7 days on 7, 24 hours on 24, 365 days per year. The name of EBRC, a well-known financial institutions, reassures our customers because we are “geo-redundant” in two of their Data Center, ” says Olivier Berthelier, Co-Founder & CTO of Limonetik.

When paying online, Limonetik orchestra of the funds paid by the user and redistributes them to the operator marketplace, and the different actors of the chain Business. Beyond this powerful solution, and intelligent collecting, Limonetik offers via a single API, a wide range of international payment instruments and advanced services ranging from the reconciliation of the flows at reporting or on compliance. This payment system is complex to implement, particularly in the context of an international dimension which must support multiple currencies. Limonetik has developed a set of solutions with high added value dedicated to the ecosystem of marketplaces but also to the actors of the payment (payment service providers or acquirers), the big dealers or even the airlines and manufacturers who wish to offer new online payment services to their international clients.
“EBRC allows us, via its secure Cloud, make it available to our clients a service to the application (Trusted Cloud Europe), which is very practical in the field of e-commerce, where it is very difficult to predict seasonality as well as the peaks of activities,” adds Olivier Berthelier.
In fact, EBRC is able to activate very quickly as virtual machines, for a strong activity, for example. The platform is dimensioned as a function of these moments of busy periods (offers Pay as you go EBRC). The customer pays no subscription useless the rest of the year. EBRC also offers the same way of manage the database of Limonetik by upgrading the performance of the hard disks according to the needs of the client.
“Chez EBRC, we have found a partner with experienced, specialized in the management of sensitive data ; EBRC understands the challenges of the financial sector in terms of safety and control, while helping us to develop,” explains Christophe Mire, CEO and Co-Founder of Limonetik.

About EBRC :

Established in 2000 and having its registered office in Luxembourg, EBRC is the preferred partner for many international businesses to ensure the implementation of it applications critical to high-level security.

On the basis of an infrastructure unique in the world of Data Centers certified as Tier IV (the highest level of security) by the Uptime Institute, EBRC offers its customers a complete, end-to-end and aligned to the highest international standards. The company supports its customers in their transformation to a digital one, the management of their IT operations and in strengthening their defenses against the growing risks of the digital age.

EBRC holds, among other certifications for ISO 20000 (IT management), ISO 27001 (information security), ISO 22301 (business continuity), ISO 9001 (quality), PCI DSS (security of financial transactions) and won several times the award “Best Cloud Service Provider” and “Best Managed Service Provider” at the european level.

International clients, EBRC are from the sectors banking and Finance, Insurance, FinTech, eCommerce, Media, Space, BioTech and Health, european and international Institutions, Industry critics, it Companies, Startups,…

EBRC has achieved in 2016, a growth of 22% for a turnover of 70 million euro and employs 200 employees.

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