LIDDS: Positive results for the NanoZolid® with antibodies

Additional results from LIDDS research projects with the IGP, Uppsala University, sweden, shows that antibodies can be released from a NanoZolid®-formulation with full function and with a depåeffekt. The results means a continued focus on local treatment with biological drugs based on NanoZolid®. The objective is to develop an effective immunbehandling against cancer with reduced side effects.

LIDDS is a huge clinical need and a significant commercial potential for the principle that local treatment to activate the body’s immune system. This is against the background that immunotherapy often give good effect but also severe and unpredictable side effects that make treatment must be discontinued.

“It’s exciting that we have received further promising results with NanoZolid® for immunotherapy. The results show the technology’s broad ability to integrate different types and sizes of molecules. Immunonkologi is a hot area of research in all the major pharmaceutical companies and LIDDS will, based on these new results, to evaluate the types of projects that should be prioritised and contact leading pharmaceutical company and discuss cooperation/licensing of NanoZolid®-technology for more effective immunotherapy. The goal is to, with less side effects, inducing a local activation of the immune system which are effective in treating tumors in all parts of the body. We look forward to continuing the exciting collaboration with the IGP and with other cancer researchers, ” says CEO Monica Wallter.

Immunonkologi is a very interesting development area for the effective treatment of cancer that are based on the principle of activating the body’s own immune system to attack cancer cells. Many of the major pharmaceutical companies have initiated pre-clinical or clinical testing of immunomodulatory drug candidates and several products have already received marketing authorisation. Some of the immunonkoloigska the drugs appears to cure certain groups of patients who have previously had a very poor prognosis. Most analysts believe that immunonkologi is the biggest breakthrough in cancer treatment for several decades.

NanoZolid®technology has advantages as it can provide stronger efficacy and a controlled release of the drug directly in the tumour area with reduced systemic side-effect profile. With NanoZolid®-technology need the patient not be subjected to frequent injections, which is the case today. LIDDS want to develop an effective lokalbehandling with a better quality of life for the affected patients.

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Monica Wallter, CEO, +46 (0)737 07 09 22, e-mail:

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LIDDS AB (publ) develops effective pharmaceutical products against different kinds of cancer with the patented NanoZolid®technology. NanoZolid® releases the drug locally and efficiently, in close proximity to the tumor, which means significantly less side effects compared with systemic treatment. NanoZolid®-technology provides the possibility of a controlled and tailored release of drug for up to six months. NanoZolid® can integrate both smaller and larger drug molecules.ex. anticancer drugs and antibodies. The company’s most advanced project, prostate-cancerprodukten Liproca® Depot containing 2-hydroxyflutamide, validates that the technology platform works clinically. The project is in phase IIb. Industrial scale production is carried out in collaboration with Recipharm.

LIDDS has active development projects in which NanoZolid® combined with anti-androgens, chemotherapy and immune-active substances. For more information, see Redeye AB is LIDDS certified adviser.

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