LIDDS: LIDDS get patent protection for NanoZolid®-technology in India

The patent office of India has approved the LIDDS main patent application for the NanoZolid®technology. The patent is strategically important for both ongoing and upcoming selecting drug development projects in the LIDDS. NanoZolid® technology is flexible and can be combined with different types of drug compounds for topical treatment of cancerous tumors with significantly less side effects.

Approval is subject to patent 280862, Bioresorbable controlled-release composition, in India. The patent provides broad protection for Liproca Depot and other pharmaceutical products that are based on the NanoZolid®technology. The patent is already approved in the united states, Canada and the EU. LIDDS patent protection for NanoZolid® thus becomes strongly also in Asia and Oceania with approval in the bl.a. the large countries China, Japan, Russia and Australia.

NanoZolid®- technology provides LIDDS opportunity to develop locally acting drugs for the controlled and prolonged release of drugs and to offer licensees the development of pharmaceutical products with an extended intellectual property protection.

– We are pleased that we now have the NanoZolid®patent approved in India is an important market, both commercially and for the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, ” says CEO Monica Wallter.

For more information, please contact:

Monica Wallter, CEO, +46 (0)737 07 09 22, e-mail:

The information in this press release is such that LIDDS is obliged to publish under the EU marknadsmissbruksförordning and the law on the securities market. The information was submitted, by the above contact person in the government, for publication on 1 June 2017, there is 10.55 uk time.

LIDDS development of effective pharmaceutical products against different kinds of cancer with the patented NanoZolid®technology. NanoZolid® releases the drug locally and efficiently, in close proximity to the tumor, which means significantly less side effects compared with systemic treatment. NanoZolid®-technology provides the possibility of a controlled and tailored release of drug for up to six months. NanoZolid® can integrate both smaller and larger drug molecules.ex. anticancer drugs and antibodies. The company’s most advanced project, prostate-cancerprodukten Liproca® Depot containing 2-hydroxyflutamide, validates that the technology platform works. Industrial scale production is carried out in collaboration with Recipharm. LIDDS has active development projects in which NanoZolid® combined with anti-androgens, chemotherapy and immune-active substances. For more information, see Redeye AB is LIDDS certified adviser.

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