“Let’s not forget the collective intelligence “

FORUM. The prime minister has assigned the member of parliament and mathematician Cédric Villani a mission on the artificial intelligence (AI) to highlight and ” open the field to a national reflection “. The challenge is of size. Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, and Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google, think they can, thanks to the AI, ” fix all the problems of the world “.

This current of thought is powerful, but criticized for its excesses ” solutionnistes “. Ask the AI to solve the problem of the homeless would not let him erase them in real time in our augmented reality glasses. If advanced it is, the AI does not know how to contextualize the issues to clarify them, and rushes out too early on false solutions. This is why Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, is afraid of the scenario of the Terminator : “Until people are really robots kill people, they will not know how to react, so it will seem unreal. “To avert this doom, he founded the company Neuralink to increase our brain capabilities using tiny electronic components interleaved between our 86 billion neurons.A second current of thought ” transhumanist “, itself criticized for being a cure worse than the disease.

Missed opportunities

Conversely, the collective intelligence (CI) wants to increase the cooperation between human. An old dream left unfinished. Intelligence is certainly interconnected with the Internet and collaborative with Google and the social networks, but it is still little collective. This development is still faced with the limitations of the volunteer, shared governance or hierarchical organization. Each time a dynamic of collective invention is to bubble, to run the steam engine or the micro-computer, she is frozen as soon as the first success. The contributors argue…

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