Laurent Berger : “I am the first to want that kind of conflict of SNCF “

Laurent Berger, 49 years, since 2012 secretary general of the CFDT, the first trade union organization in the private sector in France, which will hold its congress from 4 to 8 June. Tuesday, 15 may, he was the guest of the Club, the economy of the ” World “.

The strike at the SNCF

“I am the first to want that kind of conflict, the CFDT-the Railwaymen, but only under one condition : we can say that we have obtained a number of results, and that it has been useful. A new appointment is scheduled with the prime minister, at the end of may, when the bill will be debated in the Senate. It is at this time that each will be positioned according to what there will be on the table. If it is insufficient, the CFDT will tell. Does it mean that the strike will continue in July, August, and why not in September ? This is obviously not our wish, but it will be on parts. It has not escaped you that today the two unions will discuss with the government : the CFDT and the UNSA-Rail. This is our conception of trade unionism.

The opening up to competition and the end of the status in 2020 have been passed by the 450 deputies. We do not dispute. What we are interested in, this is the real one : ensure rail workers who will lose their status and, for them, this will not be the edge of the precipice. This is why prior to the termination of the conflict, that is to say to the UTP, the management of the sector, “on social protection, career development, training, and classifications, that is the axes on which it is necessary to go”. The government has well understood that we could not let the discussions go over the water and that it was necessary that the State establishes the framework for the negotiation. The other issue is the debt, there is no other choice that the recovery by the State. It just needs to be compatible with the european rules. “

The conflict at Air France

“I hear a number of actors, including political, to say that the people worker is lifted at the Air France…

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