Launching a service for carpool from home to work in Bercy

From 9 June, the officers of the four sites of the ministries of economic and financial, will be able to test carpooling from home to work and, thanks to a partnership with the company Karos and its dedicated app.

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This experiment of a year on the sites of Bercy, Noisy “Centre,” Noisy ” The Montaigne “, and Ivry sur Seine ” Joliot Curie “, 13 000 officers, whose daily work in the transport could be simplified and improved.
Thus, thanks to the platform Karos, accessible from a smartphone, the agents will be able to book a rideshare or offer seats in their vehicle between home and work on these trips forced. The ease of use of the platform and its flexibility allow to make the service attractive, especially on the issue of financial compensation is completely dematerialized and handled by the application.
This promotion of carpooling allows you to complete several objectives, including of course the obligations owed to the energy transition. The concrete participation to an action of protection of the environment is a strong demand of the officers of the departments.
The application Karos dedicated to the economic departments and financial in the longer term should simplify access to personal Bercy, in particular during the closing of the RER A between 29 July and 27 August between the Defense and Nation, and led to difficulties to access some of the sites of the ministries of economic and financial. It will also help to enhance the environmental commitments of the ministries of economic and financial while promoting conviviality.
On 9 June next, the agents will be able to discover this service, and start the experiment, on the occasion of various events planned on the sites concerned.

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