Launch of easyshares, the first automated solution for organisation of general assemblies

Fluidity of communication between entrepreneurs, shareholders, accountants and lawyers

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Automated Production of documents (Invitations, minutes…)
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Paris June 13, 2017 : the organization of a General Assembly is a statutory obligation for all companies with at least one shareholder or a partner, at least once per year. Convene its shareholders to a regular or special meeting, produce documents ad-hoc (meeting or minutes) and the archive are time-consuming, no value added and very expensive.
The start-up has for first ambition is to simplify and automate the entire process of organization of the AG through a SaaS platform is extremely easy to use.
“As amazing as it may seem, no one is still interested in the dematerialization of the organization of the AG ! However, for all entrepreneurs, it is a necessary evil and a statutory requirement. On average this service is charged€ 500 per AG, and can sometimes reach several thousands of euros ” commented Arnaud de Champvallier, founder and CEO of “This service is the first step of our vision is to optimize and streamline the exchanges between shareholders and entrepreneurs. This type of tool already exists since a long time for the companies listed but is almost non-existent, or out of price for the unquoted companies. We want to fill the void, and thanks to the new technologies (management SaaS, encrypted data and electronic voting) to create a powerful and affordable for all entrepreneurs. “.

A market exponential

More than one million companies in France are concerned with the management of one or more shareholders or partners. But above all, the explosion of crowdfunding, as a fundraising startups with business angels, are creating an exponential increase in the number of shareholders to manage for businesses. However, shareholders are becoming more demanding regarding the reporting and financial communication in general ; which was the prerogative of listed companies becomes the norm for all businesses.

A SaaS platform intuitive for entrepreneurs and their shareholders but also to the accountants and lawyers.

For entrepreneurs : guide step-by-step the contractor to enable it in a few clicks :
– Summon a meeting of the shareholders, regardless of their number
– Generate the documents necessary regulatory organisation of the AG

For the shareholders : allows you to access a few clicks, in a space dedicated to all information on the companies in which they are shareholders (general meetings, capitalization table, etc).

For accountants and lawyers : lets you focus on the background, automating repetitive tasks, simplify information exchange with their clients, and thereby improves their productivity.

Finally, for all these actors, as well as potential investors, investment funds, Business angels, Bank there is a “Data Room” secured ” to view and archive documents related to the life capital-intensive and the various meetings of the company.
In its next versions, will also offer new features : the electronic vote of the shareholders, the history of the table of capitalization, and a simulator of a capital increase”.
The platform is accessible to all companies, the single tariff of € 120 per year per AG.

About was founded in 2016 by Arnaud de Champvallier and Thomas Chaumeny. Its ambition is to facilitate financial communication between business owners, shareholders, accountants and lawyers. The start-up address in the first place the organization and the piloting of the general assemblies, a process time-consuming and daunting for entrepreneurs like accountants but nevertheless mandatory. Through a SaaS platform, entrepreneurs can in a few clicks to convene their shareholders and edit the necessary documents.

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