Lascom, which integrates the network Bpifrance Excellence

The French SME has surpassed its targets by posting a growth of 50% in 2016 compared to 2015

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Lascom, a French SME editor of PLM solution at the destination of the agri-food and consumer goods, joins the members of the network Bpifrance Excellence. The company has distinguished itself for its journey of growth by the responsible business of Bpifrance, the Public Investment Bank that assists companies in their projects of innovation and development.

Of the start-up to the ETI, the companies of the network are selected by the responsible business Bpifrance for their dynamism and willingness to develop, in France and internationally. With a turnover of 6 364 K€ in 2016, an increase of 50 % compared to 2015 in the area of the GIC, Lascom exceeded the objectives it set for itself. The company confirms its target of +40% increase over the next 5 years in the field of the GIC.

This success was largely the result of a growth of +50% of his turnover to the export – particularly in the United States, Canada, and Australia – and in the rallying of several international brands of large retailers to its client list in recent months.

After several signatures of global accounts in the cosmetics, on the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017, this year also promises a major offensive in industry and the cosmetic distribution.

And of course, Lascom will continue its efforts with the sectors of the agri-food and consumer goods in general, to offer them a solution always more suited to their needs and position to be a true referent for the CPG industry.

About Lascom
French publisher of software founded in 1989, Lascom embodies the new generation of PLM. His solution Lascom CPG combines the functional benefits of PLM with the know-how of the industrial agri-food. By positioning itself at the heart of the chain collaborative Industrial/distributor, Lascom is at the centre of the reorganisation of these sectors.

With over 10 years of experience working with the food industry and CPG, Lascom has become a thought leader and solutions to meet the challenges of regulation, innovation and internationalization of the sector. The new dimension brought to its offerings through consolidation solutions projects and reporting reinforces the positioning of Lascom as a central software of the IF companies CPG.

Lascom has 130 systems, customers of which more than 25 international, USA, United States, Australia, South America and the Middle East in the sectors of distribution, mass consumption products and the industry of complex systems. The company is based in Vélizy in the paris region and has subsidiaries in the USA, California, San Diego.

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