“La French Tech has yet to emerge any giant comparable to those of America or Asia “

Chronic. At the top of the pantheon voodoo throne Mawu, the god inaccessible. It is not represented, but simply to glorify him. His creatures, they interact with humans. The French Tech is a bit of a Mawu of the technology French. We glorify god without being able to represent it. His priest present, the secretary of State to digital, Mounir Mahjoubi, was delivered, Friday, may 25, at the close of the exhibition Viva Technology, a new mantra : it is necessary to make emerge international champions, and move to the outbreak of the 10,000 start-ups at their flight !

There is still a little way to go, but a small miracle occurred. We learned on Monday, may 28, the aptly named Voodoo, a young SME video games, he had just made a spell for size : pick up a hit 172 million euros of new money into a fund raising, underwritten in full by a fund belonging to the bank Goldman Sachs. A true feat for a company of 150 people, turnover unknown but still very modest, all the more that the creators are still able to retain the majority of the capital. This is the biggest operation of this kind in France since that of Blablacar, which had collected the same amount in 2015.

Same for the giant Goldman Sachs to invest nearly 200 million dollars in a French start-up is unusual. This reflects the current popularity of financial the world of the video game. Small free games on mobile Voodoo consistently ranks in the greatest success in the world. Last week, his game Helix Jump, which consists of advancing a ball through the maze of a propeller, was the third most downloaded free app on iPhone in the United States. At the beginning of the month of may, the ipo of another frenchman, Dontnod, was a great success, allowing it to recover 30 million euros.

The bar of 200 million…

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