Kinnevik issues new bond loan of 1.45 billion kronor and extend the bond that matures in 2022 with 400 million

Kinnevik AB (publ) (“Kinnevik”) today announced that the company has issued a new bond loan of 1,45 Billion sek in the Swedish bond market, and expanded its bond maturing 15 march 2022 with 400 Million.

The bond loan of 1,45 Billion has a three-year maturity and is split into dual tranches, of which sek 500 M to a fixed annual interest rate of 0,635%, and 950 M, with a variable interest rate based on the three-month STIBOR plus 0.75 per cent. In order to eliminate the interest rate risk, Kinnevik entered into an interest rate swap whereby the company will pay a fixed annual rate of interest even on the 950 Million.

Extension of Sek 400 million of the bond loan maturing march 15, 2022 issued to 100.5% of the nominal value, which indicates an interest rate of three-month STIBOR rate plus 1.0%. Similar to the moving three-year bond issue, Kinnevik entered into an interest rate swap whereby the company will pay a fixed annual interest rate of the Sek 400 million. After the extension amounts to the senior notes maturing 15 march 2022 to 1.4 Billion.

The bonds were issued in Kinnevik application for s.k. medium term notes (“MTN“) established in February 2017 with a limit of 4 Billion, with sek 2,85 Billion has now been used.

For further information, please visit or contact:

Torun Litzén, Information and IR manager

Telephone +46 (0)8 562 000 83

Mobile +46 (0)70 762 00 83

Kinnevik is a sektorfokuserat investment company that is passionate about entrepreneurship. Together with driven founders and business leaders, we build digital konsumentbolag that offers people more and better choices. We create, invest in and lead the rapidly growing businesses in both developed and emerging markets. We believe in creating both shareholder value and social value, and by building well-governed companies that contribute positively to society. Kinnevik was founded in 1936 by the families of Stenbeck, Klingspor and von Horn. Kinnevik’s shares are traded on Nasdaq Stockholm’s list for large cap companies under the ticker CLASS A and CLASS B.

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