Juncker’s chief of staff: you can not success in the United Kingdom out of

There is no way to succeed the United Kingdom’s eu exit, but the withdrawal process can be well-managed to – said Martin Selmayr, the European Commission president’s chief of staff Politico brussels news site given on Wednesday in an interview with.

The brussels board leader Jean-Claude Juncker’s right-hand man held a German politician “sad and unfortunate” event called the island country of departure.

Selmayr said it was “an impressive negotiator” Theresa May the british government. This according to him is beneficial for the eu membership, expiry of terms of negotiations on terms, whereas a strong trial class is required London, on the part of who is behind upper rakozhat the whole nation.

The chief of staff stressed, they’re not going to let the Brexit years committed to the European Commission’s attention. Pointed out that Juncker’s weekly half-hour will work on the issue.

Afternoon press conference of Jean-Claude Juncker’s “hard woman,” he called Theresa May, after the british government on Tuesday declared the president of the commission “it’s gonna be hard to come out with”. A reporter’s question also said that “highly respect and like the british prime minister”.

Juncker also David Davis, the Brexit-in charge of negotiations british minister’s statement that he responded to that in the case if you simply “walk out” of the negotiations, you don’t have to pay any of the EU vis-à-vis remaining financial obligations after. “It was always my experience in politics, to those, who walk out, eventually you have to come back,” said Juncker.

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