July 12-till can make up the missing documents to the higher education reporting

No later than July 12 to have the opportunity to do the September start-up of higher education training for applicants to submit the missing documents, and the only time you can modify previously designated by order of the Educational Agency MTI on Friday.

As they wrote, the students at the point of calculation necessary, and the application is not yet attached documents www.felvi.hu website available for E-recording Documents section of know to upload, and also follow the reporting documents related to the evaluation.

The application places regardless of the number of sufficient for every one copy of upload, however, it should be observed, that the document is legible and contains the applicant’s personal data – communicated.

Attention was also given: this year’s procedures don’t have to upload the 2006. after 1 January acquired graduation results of the supporting documents (certificate, or certificate) a copy of – that the this year’s may-June graduation results, as well as the 2003. after 1 January acquired language exam certificates. These data, the Education Agency is continuously taking over the public register, and applying these constantly can see the E-felvételiben. If the student in the application after submitting did you get or going to get the language exam, so on the surface only the language exam certificate information is to be given to the communication.

Indicated: during the procedure, the recording the only time you have the opportunity to amend the application given training sequence, this is also July 12. The E-recording surface of the order modification menu can be sorted through the previously provided training. The order amendment to in the application specified expertise can be moved to the new training can’t be fixed. The order of amendment of the admission prospectus, the www.felvi.hu page, you can find detailed read.

The document supply and the order of amendment addition, also on July 12 the personal data amendment deadline. The application of data – personal data mark education – all interviewees find the E-recording of Official documents section.

Always report there’s only one place you can win recording, which is indicated by the place of the first one, which the score equals or exceeds the admission number of points.

The September start-up training points boundaries is expected to be July 26th evening announcement, this – this at a time – first the www.felvi.hu website will be available. On the recording, enrolling, who signed up when they gave me the mobile number, even that night, SMS will be notified of the results.

The classification decision, which contains the interview that training may start their studies in September – no later than August 5 from the E-recording of Official documents, the menu item will be available, and to always report in an e-mail notification.

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