Julie Desk, the assistant Artificial Intelligence, raises € 2.5 million from Business…

Paris, June 1, 2017 – JULIE DESK, a virtual assistant with Artificial Intelligence that manages calendars and appointments, announced a new fundraising of € 2.5 million with SIDE Capital, Entrepreneur Venture and SAAS Lab. The start-up is projected to double the performance and the quality of the automation of Julie’s Desk, and accelerate its implementation in the anglo-saxon countries.

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Thanks to this fundraiser, Julie Desk will continue its investments in Artificial Intelligence, with the aim to double the performance and the quality of its algorithms in the next 12 months. The main objective is to increase its ownership in firms of intermediate size and larger accounts, while continuing to deliver a service that is infallible. By allowing professionals in the business to save time and efficiency, Julie Desk is intended to become the reference of the business transformation and the development of work places in an innovative way.

Following its last fund-raising, a year ago, Julie Desk has been able to recruit new profiles and to structure its activity, allowing the integration of its virtual assistant with Artificial Intelligence in major accounts. The start-up is already working with big groups of insurance, banking, retail, spirits… this new funding will allow him to sustain the relationship with these companies and develop new collaborations, in particular on the markets of the anglo-saxons.

For Julien Hobeika, co-founder of Julie’s Desk ” We have chosen these funds for their entrepreneurial spirit and their strong understanding of our business issues. They are our first ambassadors in adopting Julie in their daily lives and work. More than money, they are going to bring a real expertise that will enable the company to accelerate and grow more quickly “.

Pierre-Alexis de Vauplane, Investment Manager at Entrepreneur Venture adds : “We are very pleased to be working with the team of Julie Desk.

We have been convinced, as many of their customers, of the superiority of their solution both in the service provided to users of medium-sized and large enterprises in their technology, which already plays a key role in the transformation to digital business and the future of work “.

Renaud Guillerm, Managing Partner at SIDE Capital : “Julie Desk embodies this type of start-up to the massive potential. With its artisan approach in the early days, each new customer is a challenge, then the machine Julie becomes more and more self-contained and the additional customers is fuelling a virtuous circle of accelerating exponential “.

Gabriel Viellard, a Partner at SAAS Lab : “The teams of Julie were able to become the specialists of the “appointment management” managed by the AI. The control of this essential element in the effective professional demonstrates the relevance of their approach, which is perfectly manage a service to the obvious added value for hundreds of millions of professionals “.

Julie Desk, a virtual assistant with Artificial Intelligence.

Julie is a new kind of employee with Artificial Intelligence that automatically manages the calendar of its user : Julie plans, organizes, deletes, creates corporate events, sending invitations, etc. Through a learning algorithm, Julie adapts to the preferences and habits of the user.

To delegate a task to Julie, simply put in copy of the emails. Julie shares with the interlocutor(s) in question and schedules appointments based on the schedule and the preferences of the user. The latter is still in print, to stay informed of possible changes. Julie automatically fills in its calendar.

About Julie Desk
Founded by 3 engineers from ecole polytechnique, Julien Hobeika (chairman), Guillaume Michiels and Nicolas Marlier, the start-up Julie Desk is offered in 2013 an application that can organize outings with friends. After having enriched its offer in march 2014 with the organisation of business appointments, Julie Desk is inspired by the boom of the assistance is deported to the US and develops in the form of a new service and not an application : a real assistant in artificial intelligence. Julie Desk won the award for Techno Digital Talent for the Digital 2015.

More information on the site Julie’s Desk.

About Entrepreneur Venture
Founded in 2000, Entrepreneur Venture is a management company, independent certified AMF and AIFM, which specialises in the not rated, owned and directed by its founders. She manages 3 FCPI, 4 FCPR and 27 Investment Funds for the outstanding amounts of more than€ 600 Million. A major player in the bond financing of the SMES, Entrepreneur Venture has conducted more than 100 emissions of bonds over the past 3 calendar years.


About SAAS Lab
SaaS Partners, the holding company of interests bringing together 20 entrepreneurs, experts in SaaS, which counts among its members Martin Génot (COO of PhotoBox and
multientrepreneur), Bertrand Fredenucci (founder of Btwinz SaaS Ventures and multi-contractor), or Gabriel Viellard (co-founder of ADventori, SNV/Mappy)

About SIDE Capital
SIDE Capital is an investment fund and support young start-ups, tech and digital. It was launched in January 2016 on the initiative of Renaud Guillerm, co-founder of Videdressing, and brings together a dozen of experienced entrepreneurs, the origin of some of the most beautiful achievements of the French Tech. Thanks to the expertise of its Partners, SIDE supports and guides the contractor in the organization and the development of its activity, the daily management, the preparation of future fund-raising (an approach ‘side by side’).


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