Jerome Guillen, the co-pilot of Elon Musk at Tesla

In the blogosphere Tesla, has already been dubbed ” The Fixer “, the person who solves the problems. At the beginning of September, the French Jerome Guillen became the right arm of Elon Musk. His mission : to relieve some of the daily tasks a boss who recognizes himself to be on the verge of burn-out. And enable the american manufacturer of electric cars, that just came to reconnect with the profits, to accelerate its pace of production. A vital step to validate its ambitious investment strategy.

The appointment of the native of Cavaillon (Vaucluse) is a small revolution in Tesla, as Elon Musk seeks to control everything and manage everything up to work 120 hours per week, or to sleep on the floor at its factory in Fremont, California. In an interview in mid-August, the New York Times, he said he was exhausted after a year, ” atrocious “, marked by major setbacks in industrial. It was also revealed that he took drugs to be able to sleep.

The officer has also been weakened by his multiple escapades : refusal to respond to questions from analysts, insults against a caver, british, interview on the Internet reached by smoking of cannabis… But also by a failed output rating, for which he was overtaken by the Securities & Exchange Commission. At the end of September, he accepted a friendly settlement agreement with the constable fellow american, who was accusing him of market manipulation, pledging in particular to give up his position of chairman of the board of directors.

Before the concern of its shareholders and a stock price fall, Mr. Musk did eventually relent. Not question to appoint a chief operating officer, a true number two, as is the case with SpaceX, his space company. Mr. Guillen is “only” president of the automotive division, placed hierarchically at the same level as other managers. In this respect,…

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