Jeremy Darroch : the Internet must not become a “Wild West” out of control

Forum. Every day, new of press reports of inappropriate videos appearing on YouTube, false information, political propaganda funded by the Russian and disseminated on Facebook, or abusive towards anyone on Twitter. Recently, the european political leaders have gone so far as to call the Internet the ” Wild West digital “. However, we do not observe any overt change in the attitude of the giants of the digital to protect society from these harms.

The companies of the Web are not subject to any formal control and are not subject to any specific regulation

With each new case, these platforms promise to do more and improve things. Yet, they continue to take advantage of what they publish, and the cycle begins again of more beautiful. Legislators bang their fist on the table, but often do not act. The media, themselves, continue to relay abuse. The company evidenced, sometimes with disgust, while the market value of these giants of the Web (the GAFA) increases. It may be time to ask why there are no clear rules where there is a risk of harm of such gravity ?

It was a few years ago, Web companies were small and their influence relatively limited. Today, commercial broadcasters are very powerful, some of which are among the largest companies in the world, and who have influence and financial resources far exceeding those of traditional media. However, they are not subject to any formal control and are not subject to any specific regulation.

The observance of the rules, a guarantee of quality and confidence

The business of media and television, they are subject to a set of rules governing what they publish, while technology companies and platforms in the world, the contents of which yet appears…

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