Jean-Marie Cavada : “A reform of public audiovisual media is indispensable “

Forum. A reform of the public audiovisual sector has been announced. It is essential for at least three reasons. First, its missions have become blurred, and its programs are close sometimes with ease of the offer of private television stations. Then, its corporate organization is obsolete, dating back three decades, despite attempts of modernization praiseworthy but insufficient. Finally, because media consumption habits are changing so profoundly that it is necessary to gradually build a new system of provision of the public offer. Because what matters above all is the quality of the program.

Take care ! Reform is not a goal in itself, and only makes sense if the missions that requires the levying of a charge will lead to an offer that was different, complete, diverse, and modern. What good is it to pay a fee if the effort of originality is not supported : the tvs and private enough ! In contrast to Radio France, which has always been able to distinguish itself from its competitors private, France 2 and sometimes even France 3 arrive much less well.

The executive and the legislature must clearly define the missions of public broadcasting. Once the required missions raised, it must take the consequences in order to get a good application. For this, it is necessary to solve three instability that has always characterized the French system. And we must have the courage to decide these issues, because this reform will influence the functioning of the public audiovisual sector, without doubt, for a good twenty years.

Simple logic of business

The first instability is institutional. It was proposed by the superior Council of audiovisual (CSA) to appoint the presidents of the television and radio in public, but we ask him also to control the operation of these companies, as well as regulate the private sector. Which names can no longer be…

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