It is necessary ” to restore the trust between the users and the companies and their public services “

Forum. The law to ” a State at the service of a society of trust “, adopted on 31 July at the national Assembly, was promulgated on 10 August. The title of this law plot, necessarily, because, even if it is sometimes forgotten that the rule of law is at the service of citizens, come to emphasize that the State is at the service of a trusted company is not trivial. What is a “trusted company” ?

One is tempted to reply that it is probably the opposite of a ” society of distrust “. And in fact, the government and the Parliament look good to fight against the distrust of a part of the users towards the public administrations. The aim is, once again, to bring users of their public services by re-establishing a bond of trust sometimes broken, sometimes only distended.

Users of public services are both personal and corporate. Restore the confidence of individuals aims to strengthen the functioning of our institutions ; to restore the confidence of companies aims to strengthen our economy by eliminating bureaucratic obstacles that are often criticised.

Served and assisted, rather than prevented

In both cases, the confidence refers to a disposition of the mind, a insurance driven by the certainty that one has to be served and assisted, rather than prevented : it involves peace and quiet. Needless to say, she can not be decreed, and that she does as in the secrecy of the behaviors.

It is precisely for this reason that the law of 10 August holds the attention. Among multiple provisions, an innovation is sufficiently significant for it provides, perhaps, the signal of the beginning of a paradigm shift administrative.

Any person can now request to be the subject of a control by the administration as soon as it is provided for by a legislative act or regulation. If the person requesting control is good…

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