It is confirmed, the French love Google

We knew that France is the one country in the world or the market share of the search engine Google is the most important (91% compared to 86% in the United States). We knew that the american giant of the internet is, in study after study, the company in which dream of working young graduates in French. And here that on the occasion of the ten-ninth day of the book of economy, which was held today, December 6, at Bercy in the presence of hundreds of high school students and ministers Bruno Le Maire and Jean-Michel Blanquer, Google triumphs again.

10 points better than Amazon

Brice Dyer, director of Ipsos, has announced an investigation very thorough, covering in particular the image of the major digital companies american, nicknamed ” Gafa “. Well, Google dominates the world in the heart of the French. The survey was conducted from November 24 to 28 with a sample of 1084 people constituting a representative sample of the French population aged 18 years or more. The total of the “good opinions” on Google is 83%. A rate that rises to 84% among those under 35 years of age. Amazon is doing very well at 74%, Facebook clocking in at 59% and Uber creep to 35%.

Threat of boycott lack of credibility

Reading all the negative articles about Google, particularly on the issue of low-tax paid in France would therefore have no impact. Not really, because, true to the french paradox, the respondents estimate that 84% that Google and the Gafa in general should pay more taxes, and that, for this it is necessary to ” strengthen the european legislation “. The minister of economy and finance, Bruno Le Maire, which is one of the fights, so has the white-hand opinion on this issue to which he began a tour of the capitals of Northern Europe. Even stronger, the French promise that if these companies ” do not pay all the tax which they are liable to pay in Europe “, they will be ” ready to go “. Incredible, the internet-citizens are a large majority would be prepared to boycott Uber (74%), Facebook (70%), Amazon (67%) and Google (63%). Communicators and strategists google will notice again, that their society is much better treated than the others. But even so, 63% of French people ready to move out of Google ? We highly doubt it. The ogre u.s. doesn’t have too much trouble.

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