“It is about the balance between “data analysis” and algorithms that is the basis for all the added value of agencies in the modern media “

Forum. You are currently reading The World, this is pretty much my only certainty. Are you attempting to read it on paper ? On a computer, tablet or mobile ? Via Twitter, Facebook, Google maybe ? As The World, the great modern media has mutated exponentially in recent years. New temporalities, new media, new technologies, new scripts… they had to do some rethinking in order to keep their readers, listeners and viewers.

tomorrow, the personal assistants will determine the content we consume

If the rise of the digital has allowed them to reinvent how we consume media, it has also completely reconfigured the value chain of media – advertisers, communication agencies, publishers and content producers – and introduced the GAFA (the giants of the Web), which have obviously created new relationships of power within it.

Today, it is imperative to find a sustainable business model for all actors of the value chain when, tomorrow, this will be the personal assistants who will determine the content that we consume through use of increasingly large data.

Tip of the iceberg

This infinite complexity of the uses of the media, embodied by the vertiginous mass of data (computer data) and the automation of the shares, is only the tip of the iceberg in which brands and advertisers are facing in order to also reach out to their consumers. The connection between the brands and the media was up until now the core business of the agencies. But is there still a need ?

it takes more to create algorithms capable of unifying, and therefore simplify, the data sources are very heterogeneous

The role of the agencies is to help brands to dominate and take advantage of this complexity, which contains threats but also many opportunities. In concrete terms, our appreciation…

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