Investor change Ericssonvalberedning to president-recruitment.

That the Investor puts into their ceo, Johan Forssell in Ericsson’s nomination committee instead of the general counsel of Petra Hedengran is a question of the division of labour among Investorledningspersonerna for the important recruitment of the new chairman of the telecom company.

It says Stefan Stern, Investor’s head of communications, to the News agency Directly.

”It’s about the division of labour; we have chosen to ceo representing the Investor in the extensive recruitment process that the committee is facing, where a person with the right profile and experience must be found before the next agm,” he says.

Petra Hedengran was the face of this year’s agms perhaps Sweden’s most committed valberedningsarbetare, in terms of the market capitalization of the company she is engaged in: she was the chairman of Atlas Copco, Ericsson, Husqvarna and SEB’s election committees, and sat as a member of them for Sobi and Saab.

Johan Forssells valberedningsuppdrag limited on its side, to the presidency of the Electrolux. This is where Petra Hedengran in the board – together with one of them as in the Swedish newspaper svenska Dagbladet Industry and Today’s Industry have been identified as a candidate for president in Ericsson, Vestas chairman of the board and, among other things, Saab’s board member Bert Nordberg.

Tradingportalen/Agency Directly.
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