Investigation at the heart of artificial intelligence, its promises and its perils

The artificial intelligence (AI) is the mode. Nothing in The World, and on the subject has been mentioned in over 200 articles in 2017, almost 15 % more than in 2016. It has been discussed in all domains : economics, science, and politics is the same, since the prime minister, Edouard Philippe, has entrusted a mission on the question of the member (LRM) mathematician Cédric Villani, the conclusions of which are expected in January.

It remains to be seen what lurks behind this term. Of course, there are these fantastic breakthroughs showing that machines surpass now the man in specific tasks. In the health sector, they sense better than the doctors of melanomas or breast tumor on medical images. In the transport, they cause fewer accidents than drivers. Without counting the others advanced : voice recognition, the art of the game (poker, go), writing, painting or music. Behind the scenes of this world if particular enable the giants of the digital (Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Baidu…) or start-ups wishing to steal the limelight.

Of course, these developments pose the question. The effects on employment are concerned about, those on legal liability in case of a bug seem to be without response. Without forgetting the protection of privacy in the face of these robots that are able to see everything, hear everything, anticipate everything (or almost), and send the data thus collected on the servers of companies that we do not always know what they make of it. Already, slippages are not lacking. Computer scientists have they not developed a system of detection of sexual orientation from simple photos of people ?

“I don’t stop sounding the alarm, but as long as people don’t see robots descend into the street to kill everyone, they will not know how to react “, declared in the summer of 2017 Elon Musk, the boss of the car manufacturer…

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