Insurance : the competition until the end ?

No one would credit that he offers his bank to buy real estate. The French no longer hesitate to go elsewhere or to go with a broker to find the proposal most advantageous. A gymnastics they undertake more often to renegotiate loans that have already been incurred – a practice that was not possible there is only one fifteen years.

At the turn of the years 2010, the legislature went further. The candidates for the real estate professional credit could decide not to choose the insurance of the institution that granted the loan to buy other, less expensive. Now, since the 1st of January, this possibility is extended to the duration of the loan, with the amendment Bourquin.

And the game is worth the candle. The first barometer we are publishing, in collaboration with Cafpi shows that, in some cases, the insurance premiums paid during the life of the loan can represent up to 20 % of the capital borrowed ! While real estate lending grew taller, the renegotiation of its insurance premium can be almost as interesting as the one that occurs on the rate.

The close of his contract and open another one elsewhere

If the borrowers are in a universe that is legislative in favour of the competition, such is not the case for those who hold a life insurance contract. The lower yield of the contracts in euros makes it always more painful charges levied by the insurer on certain contracts. However, it is very complicated for an investor lambda to give full play to competition and to reduce those withdrawals that are not always justified.

Of course, when we signed a new contract, we can prioritise those who have a practice tariff reasonable. On the other hand, it is impossible for the products already purchased. The only solution is often to terminate its contract and to open another one elsewhere. While you may transfer a savings plan in shares of one institution to another, this operation is not permitted for life insurance contracts. The adoption of the law Covenant could have been an opportunity to open up the portability of life insurance contracts. But, this time, amendments that would have allowed have not been voted.

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