Innovation : “The Garden of entrepreneurial spread of initiatives very creative “

Chronic. Anne Thevenet-Abitbol is the same type of râleuse positive. When the director of prospective and new concepts of Danone becomes aware of a malfunction – or an opportunity, she tries desperately to find a way to solve the problem or seize the opportunity – is in general quite quickly, is fighting to bring his project, a rattle in the face of many obstacles put in its way until it arrives at its ends. Without letting go of his goal of sight.

In 2014, horrified by the rise of xenophobia, fear of foreigners, it sets out the plan to launch a range of yoghurts all over the world, a pretext to evoke and highlight the diversity of customs and cultures, and to launch a restaurant, which is open to all kitchens of the globe, meeting place to be multilingual and multicultural. Because ” the fear comes from ignorance “, she says. It took four years to go from dream to reality.

Since a few days, the “Danone world” are on shelves, and “Atlas, the canteen of the world” opened its doors in Paris. “It is necessary to have a very precise idea, deep in the body, an energy of goofy, not to falter in the first critique,” she says to the destination of those who, like her, have to fight to convince them of the relevance of their ideas.

Michael Berry, founder and director of the Ecole de Paris du management, stalking for years these personalities, malignant, and daring that combine creativity, market opportunities, and energy to seize them. The people that are interested in particular, do not have profit as the primary goal. “They create their business to realize a dream “, he says.

Personality from the world of research in management, Michel Berry, ex-director of the centre de recherche en gestion of the Ecole polytechnique, see scroll, managers, leaders,…

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