Inauguration of a cleaner in Sannois good news for the model economy to functionn…

Currently raising funds on the platform Happy Capital, Innovaclean welcomes the opening of a new dry cleaning Sannois (95).

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Innovaclean offers to the artisans cleaners a whole set of innovations and solutions to deal with the crisis in the sector since the ban on perchloroethylene.

It is innovative and relevant because the company not only provides the solvent-alternative that is respectful of man and the environment, but also to the wash cycles. Innovaclean remains the owner of the machines, and the dry cleaners do not have to make investments too expensive. A true win-win partnership that fits perfectly into the concept of social innovation.

“I am very proud to be at the origin of a model that invests for the world of tomorrow, and where everyone finds its advantages,” says the director of Innovaclean, Mr Gwenael Kervajan.

This inauguration symbolizes the efficiency and attractiveness of such a model, possible thanks to the fundraising done on the platform Happy Capital. It is still in line and encourages the development of the activity of Innovaclean.

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