In Zurich, Google forges close links with the Ecole polytechnique fédérale

In 2004, they were only two. Today, they are more than 2 500 and, in 2021, they will be 5 000. “They” are the zooglers, contraction of Zurich and Google, in other words, the employees of Google who work in Zurich.

In nearly fifteen years, the large group the united states of america Silicon Valley has been able to expand its canvas in the economic capital of Switzerland. So much so that the site of the former brewery Hürlimann, where is installed Google, is home to the center for research and development the most important of the group outside of the United States. A position that is going to strengthen further, with the development of new premises. In three years, Google Switzerland, which concentrates in Zurich activities in switzerland of the firm, will have the capacity to double its workforce, up to 5 000 people spread over several sites.

It is here, in the heart of this dynamic city of approximately 400,000 inhabitants, that the teams are very international Google (85 different nationalities) working on the artificial intelligence, machine learning. It is here that is born the Google Assistant this assistance system custom conversational, or that have been developed different applications for Gmail, YouTube or Google Maps.

The employer the more attractive of Switzerland

In the course of its research, Google has close links with the Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Zurich (EPFZ). Cooperation of research and development are undertaken in common in the areas of machine learning (machine learning), the perception by machine. “The exchange of knowledge, technologies and research results between the ETH zurich on the one hand, and the company, the economic sector and industry on the other hand, is part of our federal mandate,” says professor Detlef Günther, vice-president of the school, responsible for research and relations with the economic world.

The american company,…

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