In transport, the bank card and the smartphone is beginning to replace the ticket

The ticket for the bus or tram could not long withstand the wave of dematerialisation, which won the urban transport. Since Tuesday 27 march, the metropolis of Dijon, Côte-d’or, proposes in effect to users of its two streetcar lines to pay for their trip by asking directly their bank card without contact on the terminals installed in the train. Travellers can also present on the validators to use their smartphones equipped with the mobile payment service from Apple, Apple Pay.

This is a first in France. For the occasion, the cars of the tram previous have been covered window transparencies of paper, colorful, crossed the slogan : “don’t go looking for a ticket ! You have already “. After a break-in period, the service will also be extended to bus lines, from the month of September.

“It is as simple as to pay for his loaf of bread “, sums up Nathalie Koenders, first deputy to the mayor of Dijon, who saw in this innovation a ” lever of development and attractiveness of Dijon Metropolis, as tourists, conventioneers, and occasional travellers can take the public transport “.

“Increase attendance ”

For the traveler who does not hesitates not to pay his small expenses with a credit card, the advantage is twofold : it saves time and is the most advantageous price, depending on the number of its movements. Thus, the fixed daily rate (€3.90) applies automatically at the end of the day it is more interesting than the price of several journeys (1.30 euros each). This innovation does not, however, to the families to perform multiple validations. And discounts, including those allocated to families with many children, are not taken into account.

For their part, the transportation networks have much to gain on the cost of ticketing management (aircraft maintenance, impressions,…

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