In the new studios of Altice, now is the time to merge

Difficult to escape the fleeting moment of nostalgia, Alain Weill, when one walks with him to the new premises – large and brand new – the press group that he founded. “RMC, when it was resumed, it was twenty years of losses. It was the last of the class, we were at the bottom of the hole. Since then, it has completely transformed “, he commented, entering the studio of RMC Sport, the channel that now broadcasts the champions League football exclusively. No tear in the eye, but a little revenge on those who predicted its failure, when RMC was down 1.8 point of hearing just after his redemption…

The media group, including the acquisition by Altice, parent company of SFR, has been completed this year, will have a total of seven modern studios, for an investment of 35 million euros, in a building called ” Altice Campus “. It is located in front of the new ministry of defence, in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, and 1 000 journalists will come together. Seven thousand people will be employed, if we add the employees of SFR. The two titles of written press group, Express, and Release, had joined the place as soon as fall 2017. A year later, radio and television, including the chain of continuous information BFMTV and le bouquet sport RMC Sport, who were on the other side of the device, the join.

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“The symbol of the maturity of the group ”

The adventure began nearly eighteen years ago by the redemption by Alain Weill, a former officer of NRJ, a radio in decline, Radio Monte Carlo. He had moved from the Rock to Paris, first in temporary premises, avenue Kléber, and then along the ring road, street of Oradour-sur-Glane. Since then, the group has grown and has enjoyed success with BFMTV. From Sunday, October 7, the first channel of continuous information of France unfolds with a main studio where three trays are available, but also three makeup rooms and a VIP lounge to accommodate its guests the most prestigious. For the first time, the group has also a space that can accommodate the public and will be used during the election night.

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In mid-October, five in the morning that will be broadcast from the new premises. Including, emblematic of Jean-Jacques Bourdin, the interviewer featured. All, both in radio and in television. A bet that Alain Weill has been as early as 2007, during the presidential campaign : “today, people want to the image when something happens. “

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According to Alain Weill, ” this building, it is the symbol of the maturity of the group “. A group whose fate is linked now to the operator SFR in the name of the convergence between the pipes and the content. If this model has not really proven in Europe, the CEO of Altice Europe believes hard as iron. Finished the nostalgia, this is the time of certainties.

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