In the Face of Netflix, the competitors to AT&T, Disney, or Apple, propose strategies of response

Can we still catch up on Netflix and its 130 million subscribers around the world ? Some competitors are convinced and have not renounced to be a place on the market, in full growth, video on-demand by subscription. The american operator AT&T has just announced, for the end of 2019, the launch of its own service, which will build on the assets acquired through the buyout of Time Warner : the series of HBO as the flagship Game of Thrones, CNN, movies and series from Warner or DC Comics like the sagas ” Harry Potter “, “Batman” and ” Wonder Woman “, the sitcom Friends, and many of the classics of the cinema.

Historical Leader of the series of author with The Sopranos, The Wire or Sex and the City, HBO had already launched an online service, HBO Go. But the takeover of its parent company, Time Warner, by the telephone operator and Internet AT&T requires a change of scale. It will be necessary to produce more content and be more concerned with the general public, has warned John Stankey, the CEO of WarnerMedia division, the content of the operator, during an internal speech, before the summer.

It would, however, be no question of altering the style or the quality of the productions of HBO, who will be the “flagship” of the future offers. But the latter will be surrounded by the other content held by AT&T. The proposed set must be “competitive” with the service of Netflix, said Mr. Stankey at a conference organized by the magazine Vanity Fair, Wednesday, October 10 : AT&T will therefore invest more to get closer to the huge level of spending from Netflix, estimated at 8 billion dollars a year (€6.9 billion), up from about $ 2.5 billion for HBO. Subscribe to the entire bouquet of content, AT & T should be more expensive than subscribing to Netflix (around $ 10 per month).

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