In the Face of GAFA, ” our entrepreneurs are culturally overwhelmed “

Forum. Is this a lack of vision, ambition or any other interest that motivates our captains of industry and our researchers to lower the arm by agreeing to gradually work with the GAFA [the giants of the Net, Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon] ? Everyone knows that this alleged collaboration was not for the purpose of appropriating the best of our resources in exchange for a few crumbs on which we are hurtling.

Surprising ! Every day, we see the emergence of new debates on the regulation : how to protect against cyber attacks and the spread of “fakes news” [the false information], how to protect themselves against the excesses of the artificial intelligence (AI) or transhumanism. But no one ever addresses the essential : the power.

Because the power is not the master, even if it is necessary, the AI, or algorithms, it is the conquest of the opinions of the multitude ! It is the ability to change the lives of people otherwise the course of history. The power, it is the intelligence of the world, this understanding of the ” why ” of people and things that actually appeal to subjectivity, culture, intuition, instinct, the emotions.

Consumer applications

This will make us win the war of the IA, this is not the research and technology applications, what are the mainstream applications that will very simply make sense (or nonsense) to our daily lives. The american institutions have understood that, in order to strengthen their power, to finance and assist innovative projects. Today NASA is working with Uber to develop taxis flying. Relevant and ahead of their time that has allowed these “adventurers” to create platforms without competition, and who today are denying an obvious law, that of choice.

These leaders, however, are not the main responsible of this domination without sharing. It is essentially…

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