In Paris, a Salon Nautic under the sign of the boats flying

This is one of the trends in the boating and yachting current. Instead of floating, the boats are now on the water thanks to a system of foils, blades of carbon that allow the boats to lift out and take advantage of the load-bearing capacity of the air to fly.

After the hydrofoil of Eric Tabarly and Alain Thébault, the whole industry of boating has come to believe in this technology a century old. The vessels related to the performance, such as those who compete for the America’s Cup, all of which use hydrofoils. And Bénéteau team, The Figaro 3, the vessel unique of The Solitaire du Figaro, pairs of foils to spice up the race.

It does not stop there. Alain Thébault has designed its transport system Sea Bubble, based on the system of the hydrofoils. And manufacturers of surfboards, kitesurfs, surfs or paddles also offer all of the vehicles equipped with foils !

“It’s simple, this year, all types of boats sailed with foils. An Optimist and a boat, semi-rigid, have been tested with this technology, says Alain Pichavant, commissioner general of the Salon Nautic, designed for professionals of the craft, which takes place from 2 to 10 December in Paris. The foil is a true underlying trend in the sector. ”

“Simple, comfortable and a lot more frugal in energy ”

In addition to the major projects, it is a start-up that believes the most in this function is volume SEAir, a société lorientaise of a dozen people, wants to become the key player in this nascent market. “We know the principles of foils for a century, recalls the co-founder of SEAir, Richard Forest, but, now, we have an alignment of the planets : we have the adequate materials, both flexible and rigid, powerful software, and electronic components that are affordable, whether it is the inertial sensor or sensors….

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