In Helsinki, an app that allows you to organize all his trips in a click

This is a postcard image hides a revolution. On the cobblestone streets that surround the port of Helsinki, between the columns, neoclassical lutheran cathedral and bulbs golden in the orthodox church, the ballet of the trams, bikes and taxis following a new partition, that of the mobility servicielle.

The Finnish capital boasts being the first city in the world to have achieved the panacea of the urban transport of tomorrow, the holy Grail of the cities in the “smart and agile” : mobility as a service, the key to the decline of the private car and the growth of public transport or shared.

“Mobility as a service ”

More known to fans under his name and acronym mobility-as-a-service (MAAS), this change of paradigm is, in France, an important chapter of the future orientation law of mobility (LOM), that the minister in charge of transport, Elizabeth Terminal, shall submit to the council of ministers on 26 October.

“The major challenge is to compel all the operators to open up access to their data to be able to establish true multimodal services “, warns Jean-Marc Zulesi, mp (The Republic in march, LRM) of the Bouches-du-Rhône, chairman of the working group on innovation at the Foundation of the mobility.

With a single application on their smartphone, instead of the half-dozen that a city uses each week, one of the inhabitants of Helsinki can easily organize their travel by subway, by tram, by bus, by bike, by taxi or by rental car.

Whim allows you to locate stations and vehicles, verify hours and availability, compare different combinations, to be guided… but also book, pay and confirm by a click of the routes and tickets, dematerialized, and to subscribe to subscription plans that include all modes of transport.

“Go anywhere, any…

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